Monday, March 29, 2010


Birthday post! Today is my 22nd birthday and boy is it exciting. I love other peoples birthdays but mine...not as exciting. Especially since Ive been away from home for my past 4 birthdays. I already got my presents from my parents: money for those gorgeous pair of running sneaks and a lovely healthy cookbook. Tyler also got me a cookbook for easy vegetarian cooking (although the recipes are not the healthiest) and my sisters present is on the way. Its a surprise, although its probably either running socks, sunglasses or shorts because those are the 3 ideas I gave her.

I got another long run in yesterday although this was a bit different than normal. Why? Because on Saturday we got about a foot of snow here in lovely st john's and Im just so sick of running on snow I decided to do this long run on the treadmill!

Distance: Since it was on the treadmill it was exactly 7.0 miles. Since Im a bit ahead of schedule on my long runs I decided Id give myself a bit of a break on my long run this week, so instead of doing 10 which was kind of planned on, I just was thinking of 6-8, and I did 7 :)
Time: 1:12.38. I was happy with this time although Im cheating a bit because I did stop and walk a few times and stopped my watch while I was walking so in reality it might be a few minutes slower than 1:12. Oh well.
Route: Ugh, the dreaded treadmill. Now I really dont mind the treadmill as much as some other runners do but my last 3 runs have been on it and none of them have felt amazing. Not that they are excessively slow or laboured, they just dont feel amazing. This one was no different, which leads me to...
Felt: Alright I guess. It was good to get it done. I was in my new shoes and my feet were paining me a bit but other than that I was in very little pain. I was just bored and felt blehhh I guess.

Other than that, I finally made it into the weight room this week! Actually I believed its called the "toning room" cause they're all equipement and no free weights are involved. But it felt really good and Im no longer scared of going in there like I used to be! Hopefully this weight training will help me lose a few extra pounds before the half (Id ideally like to get around 140-145 and Im currently sitting at 148-150 depending on the time of day). I've noticed a big difference in my running since Ive started losing a bit of weight again and its something that I really would like to focus on. Although its good to have goals and something to work towards, Im not really very big on the whole "weight" thing. It really truly is about how you feel and not what you weigh.

Im started to get really excited to go home to Nova Scotia for good. I miss home so much and I cant wait to have a permanent residence again!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Good Days

So, since I got an extension on my paper I figured Id update this thing for the first time in a while...also to brag about all my awesome food I ate today, and my great workout and what not. Todays food:

Breakfast: Two slices of potato bread with natural crunchy peanut butter and a banana made into a sandwich, with some green tea of course.
Lunch: Lentil and vegetable soup with a whole wheat pita, Spinach/mushroom/orange pepper salad with olive oil dressing.
Supper:Two egg omlette with mushrooms and cheddar and some delicious homemade sweet potato fries.

I just feel like Ive had a lot of fresh, unprocessed (except for the soup) foods, and one of my favourite things was that there was a super variety of different kinds of tastes.

Also I had a really great run/workout. I FINALLY made it to the weightroom, I built up some courage after a really awesome run (2 miles in 18:11) and just went for it. Im going to try and do that at least 3 times a week from now on.

This past weekend I had another long run. Got just under 9 miles in, probably around 8.75 and I did it in 1:33, which Im happy with. Hopefully this weekend I can get up to 10 miles and stay there for about 3 weeks, and Im going to really start working on pacing and splits. My goal for this half (if I can stay injury free) is 2:15 so its going to be hard but I think I can do it! Thats about a 10:30 mile throughout the entire thing and I would really love a negative split so maybe a bit faster than that for my last 6 miles. Once I have my actual plan of mile splits and what not, Ill be sure to put it on here.

In other exciting running news: I finally got new running shoes!! Ive had my current ones since August and have run and trained for two half marathons so I was definitely ready for new ones. I got the Mizuno Wave Riders! Here's a picture:

I have yet to run in them but Im hoping my feet adjust quickly because these ones have got a bit less cushioning then Im used to. Sometimes on long runs I get a bit of pressure pain in my feet and Im hoping these will help.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running in Shorts

Woah, its been a while. Since Sunday I believe? Anyways Sunday was a day filled with studying, aka I read one chapter of psych, it was a weak weekend, work wise. Sunday night was brutal, I didn't get to sleep until about 4am (because of the cappuccino and daylight savings) and I was up the next morning at 730, so I was not a happy girl. I had some mushroom sloppy joes for lunch and just had extreme pita for supper (yumm- small veggie on ww). I managed a 3 mile treadmill run in the late afternoon (in 30 min, with some intervals/breaks) and it felt alright, although my body was still pretty sore from the long run. I went volunteering for an hour and a half then came home. It was about 8 by that point so I had a yummy snack of pita chips, hummus and some homemade guac.

Tuesday morning I had a fried egg on toast for brekky. It was a delicious egg, I love eggs so much :) For lunch I had a flatbread sandwhich with goat cheese, two hardboiled eggs and lots of spinach, with a white milk and berry bran muffin (from tim's, I won it in Roll up the Rim!). It was all pretty tasty but I could have gone without the goat cheese on the sandwhich for whatever reason.

When I got home from school/some random volunteer thing I had gotten my letter from Dal med school, I didnt get in :( This was really really hard news to hear EVEN though I know its rare for students to get in right out of their undergrad, it was still hard to hear. But after some tears and some binge eating (kind of, nothing too bad), Im feeling much better. Ready to look for other opportunities for my future, that is until I apply to Med School again :) Speaking of binge eating, although I didnt feel like eating at all, I went to the store with Tyler and we picked up a yummy bruschetta pizza and some ww tostito's and fresh salsa, and just watched a movie.

This morning I had a delicious breakfast: two slices of "potato" bread with lf peanut butter and a banana, made into a sandwhich, and green tea of course. Between my classes I went for a run outside... IN SHORTS. It was warm enough, and that makes me so happy! I did about a 20 min warm up, two hill repeats (both about 1:30) and then made my way back to school. It was about 45 minutes in total but I have no clue what the distance was. It was nice to be outside for a while. Post workout I had a few bites of the leftover pizza I brought for my lunch, and guzzled back the water. Later in the afternoon I grabbed a ww bagel with butter and green tea and had that with some leftover baked beans (I was in need of some protein).

After spending my afternoon half researching, half sleeping, I made supper, and....I took a picture :) Im not going to lie, one of the reasons I started a blog was because I loved reading other peoples blogs and looking at pictures of their meals, its given me sooo many ideas for my meals, and pretty much gave me the motivation to become vegetarian. Anyways for supper, was some baked tofu which I cut up and coated with flour, egg and crushed corn flakes, some homemade fries and a spinach salad with red onion, mushrooms, tomato and olive oil as the dressing. Sorry about the terrible quality of the picture, its with my computers webcam :)

Mmm, now for a night full of studying psych (midterm on Friday night!)

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goodbye weekend!

I honestly cant believe how little time I have left of my degree. Less than a month of classes, and Im done exams in a month and six days! That's unreal, four years went by very very quickly. Im looking forward to being done my undergrad. I do truly love school, but Im getting frustrated with the same thing each and every day, and there are only so many Biochem midterms I can handle. Its funny, because Im taking a 2nd year Political Science course (constitutional history of Canada!) and I really love it, probably just because its a bit different than what Im used to.

Anyways, for supper last night I tried out the tofu I got. I know that if I want to eat vegetarian, and have an adequate amount of protein in my diet, Im going to need to include tofu in my diet once in a while. Its not my favourite thing to make for myself, but I generally do like it at restaurants so I know its all about preparation for me. So last night I had a stirfry with tofu, broccoli and mushrooms with homemade sweet and sour sauce with some white mr.noodles noodles. Good in theory but I really dont like stir-fry's so I need to stop making them! I only ate about half, and I was full so I just threw away the rest.

After supper, I headed over to Tyler's and had a few beers with him and his roommates. They went downtown for some St. Pattys festivities but I was not up for DT (and needed to get as much sleep as possible since I lost an hour of my day today). Oh, and before sleep last night, me and Tyler had a late night snack, reduced sodium Old dutch ruffle chips. Mmm they were yummy, chips is a huge weakness for me, and I have no problem treating myself from time to time. And sometimes I get the low sodium ones, even though I know that the calories and fat are still there, I actually like being able to taste the fried potatoes, and I find these ones are still pretty salty!

For breakfast (after sleeping in an hour late, because I thought my phone would automatically change to daylight savings and it did not!) I had egg in a hole and half an orange and some decaf green tea. Today was the day of my first official "long run" of my training for the Bluenose Half Marathon, and was it ever a perfect day for it. I ran in tights, and tank top and a long sleeve, first time without a coat and hat this season! Here are my stats:

Distance: About 7.75 miles. said 7.5 but they tend to underestimate a bit, so Im going with 7.75.
Time: 1:24 with breaks, since I didnt have my chrono watch with me, only my nikeplus, which I haven't got set up yet.
Route: Around Quidi Vidi Lake, downtown and then back up to my house, really hilly end but pretty good little loop, Ive done similar routes many times before.
Felt:...Amazing! Great day for it, so I think that had a lot to do with it. Also, Im probably 5-10 pounds lighter since my last half marathon so Im really starting to notice an improvement in my running, I think I actually feel lighter. That lets me go faster without my legs dying.

Overall I was so happy with my run. So glad to be running outside again, although Ill probably be back on the treadmill tomorrow, just because its a ton easier between classes. Im also going to try to get into the weights from now on. Im thinking runs+weights mon, wed and fri. Pilates on tues and thurs. Saturday is an off day and long runs on Sunday (maybe with some extra yoga/stretching). Hows that for a plan? Im so excited that Im currently running pain free, I love it.

After a nice big glass of Gatorade, I had a quick hot shower and had some leftover mushroom sloppy joes with goat cheese for lunch. Later in the afternoon I had a small serving of Liberte Mediterranian Lemon yogurt:

I know the picture is of Strawberry, but strawberry is my favourite so far! Lemon is just a bit too tangy for me. After studying for a bit, me and Tyler went for a walk on this gorgeous day. I walked to his house, then we went to Jumping Bean cafe so I could have a cappuccino (I love espresso, but hate drip coffee, which is my only option at school, so I end up drinking a lot of tea) because I was craving it hardcore. It was super yummy! We ended up walking to Quidi Vidi to check out the duckies, and we were out for a whole 2 hours! I came home and had supper: Baked tofu with some barbeque sauce, some french fries (I usually make my own but I was being lazy so I just had the frozen ones) and frozen veggies. I loved loved loved the baked tofu, Im definitely making it like that from now on!

So Im all done work and cleaning for the night and heading to bed soon. Had a great weekend and looking forward to getting this week started, mostly because I know Ill be finding out about med school this week. SO EXCITED!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lazy (x100) Day

I love the weekends, especially when Im not drowning in a sea of work. I've got two pretty hard weeks coming up filled with tests and a big paper, but for now I really havent got too much to do.

So I got the email today, Dal has officially sent out the acceptance/rejection letters for DalMed class of 2014. Im super scared and excited at the same time, its really hard to describe. My expectations are not high because Im just finishing my undergrad now, and most people I met at the interviews were graduate students, or working and what not, so thats scary. But how can I not be excited? It would be the most amazing thing if I got that letter and it said I was accepted, Ive been thinking about that moment for the past few years. Honestly, I just want to know, as soon as possible, so I can start making plans for the summer (Oh, and the rest of my life). The funny thing is, Im not even sure what address they're sending the letter to, my home here in St.John's or my parents home in Dartmouth. I really hope its coming here, so I can be the one to tell my parents instead of them having to read it out to me. Either way, its a very exciting few days ahead of me!

Yesterday I went to Beagle Paws in the morning again and had a lovely run there and back. I truly love volunteering there, I love the dogs and its actually really cool to just hang out with them and watch them play. Ive volunteered at many places in NL and NS and with many different kinds of people but my favourite has been with the dogs. Its really made me appreciate how compassionate some people can be towards others (including animals). There are women there that have been volunteering there since it opened like 6 years ago. They contribute so much of their time and life towards these dogs, they are truly passionate about it and it is pretty inspiring.

I made it to class after BP and then came home and made one of my favourite recipes for lunch: Mushroom Sloppy Joes.

I had one for lunch (I had been snacking on carrot cake while making them) and had it with goat cheese instead of swiss, so it was extra yummy! Heres the link to the recipe.
Tyler came over for supper and we had spinach salad and some whole wheat spaghetti with plain tomato and mushroom sauce (with some goat cheese mixed in of course), and had carrot cake for dessert.

Then we spent the night playing Mario on Super Nintendo with Brad and Mal, then we played Apples to Apples and I came a very close second (we had to have an apples-off and I lost it). There was also some beer involved:

I love Keiths. Being from NS, I think I will always have a spot for it in my heart, and my belly. Since this was technically Mals birthday celebration (her third, I might add) we decided to make the walking trip to Ches's for some late night grease. I had cod bites with fries and it was so beyond good.

This morning I was a tad hungover waking up but had a great breakfast of a small piece of flatbread with avocado, tomato and fried egg. I had some red grapes and green tea, and now Im just spending the day relaxing, maybe getting a bit of work done, and envisioning the moment that I open that letter from DalMed :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

I wish all my runs had 2 hour breaks!

So I missed my first day of blogging! I can't believe that some people manage to do it 2-3 times a day. I guess if I cut back on my twitter time, I would've gotten the chance to do it yesterday but, the world will survive. It also seems like no one is reading this...and thats cool too, I just like writing it.

Yesterday I got up pretty early (645, but I hadnt gotten to sleep until at least 1am) and had a quick small breakfast of oatmeal and some natural peanut butter mixed in, and some green tea of course. I have green tea at least twice, and usually three times daily. Its an obsession (but never after supper, I cant handle caffeine past like, 5pm or else Im up all night). After breakfast I was off to Beagle Paws. I volunteer there usually once a week, Thursday nights. But this week they needed help in the mornings so I decided to skip my Wed and Fri early morning class to help them out. Instead of spending the 4.50 to take the bus there and back, I decided to run there and home afterwards. It was my first outside run since the half (Ive been doing 3-4 mile treadmill runs since then) and although it was slow, it felt good, and the best part? Pain FREE :) it was 3 miles there, so I did 6 miles in total yesterday, it was great.

Yesterday was my roommate Mal's birthday so we went out to supper at Pi, a specialty pizza place here in St. John's. I had a veggie pizza and it was Delish! Had tomatoes artichoke hearts, red onion and zucchini.

This morning, I had some poached eggs and whole wheat bun with some green grapes, and green tea of course. I had a very lazy day, didn't make it to my first class or Pilates, I was having a hard time getting any motivation. Oh well, tomorrow's a new day, and Im allowed to have non-productive days every now and then. After the class that I did go to, I came home and studied for the online quiz I had tonight. Mal's mom was in town, so she took us all out for Mal's second birthday dinner. We went to Montana's...definitely not my first choice but she was treating, so I would never say anything. Im just not a big fan of chain-restaurants. I had a veggie burger with fries. I would have had the veggie fajita's but they were very expensive, and I did not want to take advantage of someone else treating! Big plans for tomorrow? Running to Beagle Paws again in the morning, and maybe class at 12 if I can make it. Then weekend! I see some beers in my future.

On a side note, I made the smart decision of checking out the nutrition information for Montana's before we went to the restaurant. Man it blew me away. I was thinking about getting the Nacho's because they were vegetarian, but I never knew nachos could have soooo many calories. 1700 calories for nachos, and something like 150% of my recommended daily fat intake. So from now on I am (when possible) checking the nutrional content for restaurants before I go there. Not that I feel guilty about treating myself on occasion, but its all about awareness, I want to be aware of what Im putting into my body.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#2. Okay Ill stop numbering my posts after this.

So I can't figure out how to hook up my phone to my computer so no pictures for a while. Today was a lovely day for me. Got to sleep in until 8 (but stayed in bed until almost 9 which is super late for me), had a yummy bagel for breakfast with some green tea. I did Pilates from 12-1 before lunch (its the perfect time for me because I have break between classes from 12-330). I had some homemade vegetarian chili for lunch with a piece of pita that I cut up and toasted last night. I worked at the library for a bit and then picked up an XL green tea and had a red delicious apple for a snack during my 330 class. Class finished early and now Im home watching Gossip Girl before supper. I've got an exciting night ahead of me full of studying.

Things are going well for me workout wise. Im just about to start training for my third half marathon. Ive done two already : this past september I did the Toronto Waterfront half in 2:33 (slow I know, Im not a fast runner but I get it done). A few weeks ago in February I did the Hypothermic Half in St.Johns in 2:23. I was ecstatic with my time, I was injured-ish (Had right quad and left achilles issues) and there had been about 2 feet of snow dropped on St John's the 2 days before the race. My next one is the Bluenose in May, this weekend is my first "long run", but I'll probably only hope for 6 miles and if Im feeling good I might extend it until 8 miles. Ive only just started running again since the half (I took almost 3 weeks off after the half to help my quad get back to normal) and its going well! I usually run three times a week (now Ill get into 4 with my long run on Sundays) and I do Pilates twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Anyways Im off to make supper and watch the end of Gossip girl Up for supper tonight: Flatbread pizza with tomato spaghetti sauce, spinach, vegetarian hot dog, goat cheese and any other vegetables I can find in my drawer!

Monday, March 8, 2010

First one!

So, Ive been talking about starting one of these "blogs" for a while. Mostly because I've become pretty obsessed with reading food blogs, and ones about healthy eating/living (not weight loss! very different to me). Anyways I figured that I have some interesting thoughts and experiences that I could contribute to the world of internet so why not? Plus, I got rid of facebook (again) so when I have free time to spend on the computer, I need something other than just twitter and perez to fill my time with

I think one of the main reasons for this thing is going to be for me to share all my lovely experiences in my attempt to go vegetarian, which I started about 3 weeks ago. Im in my fourth year of a nutrition/biochemistry degree, so Ive had many courses about nutrition and community health. Im in my last semester now and I think all the courses have finally started to take their toll on how I look at my own health. Up until now (especially in the last two years) I've been fairly healthy with my eating, but recently I realized that I still do have some pretty unhealthy habits that not only take away from my overall health but also decrease my ability to run/workout/and my overall quality of life. I dont necessarily believe that eating vegetarian is the most healthy way to live (I think you can be perfectly healthy whether you eat meat or not) but for me its how Ive decided that I want to live (for now at least, haha).

Anyways, along with the vegetarian thing, actually probably a bigger reason for this blog is that Im a runner, and I want to share my experiences that Ive had runner, with as many people as possible (even if thats only like 4 people). I cannot begin to explain how running has changed my life for the better, but I'll attempt to throughout all my posts.

Oh yeah, and Im trying to get into med school, but that's a long road that Ive only just begun to get started on, so don't expect too much excitement in that area.

Okay, so what to expect: lots of running stories, hopefully lots of food pictures of all my delicious vegetarian recipes I've been making (if I can figure out how to hook up my phone aka camera to my comp) and maybe just my thoughts and exciting stories that I have everyday :) That's it for now, but Im going to do my very best in keepingthis thing current and up to date.