Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Run-down

So obviously Ive kind of lost this whole blogging frequently thing. But I think I can at least handle a weekly recap of my training/activity. 

Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- 3 mile Treadmill run
Thursday-Body Pump
Friday-5 mile run, 50 minutes Ashtanga yoga class
Saturday- Off day
Sunday- 10 mile run, 60 minutes Moksha yoga

Yesterday marks one month until my first marathon. My biggest worry right now is delaying any potential injury that I might sustain during training. During yesterdays 10 miler (which was supposed to be 12 miles) my IT band started hurting pretty badly after about 6.5 miles. So I suffered through another 3.5 miles and finished strong.

Ive made a committment to myself to roll it out (using my parents foam roller) and ice each and every single night until the marathon! Ive got another 20 mile run planned for this weekend (Saturday) but am comfortable cutting it down to 18 or 16 miles, depending on how the pain is.

I also want to make sure I get to Body Pump at least once this week and next week (to continue strengthening my glutes and hamstrings).