Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Revamping goals

So one week, 6 days of working out, 7 days of making one healthier choice, and 6 days of blogging.

Something about this commitment has really triggered a change in my head. For some reason a few weeks ago there were days where I had absolutely no activity and that is just not okay for my body. I can do an hour and a half of yoga a day, or body pump, or go for a run, or do JM 30 day shred. These are things I can, and will do every day.

My other big challenge is the food thing. I was talking about it with a girl I volunteer with tonight. She is also a runner and she is also not a tiny girl. She just started weight watchers again so we were talking about our eating habits for a bit. Its interesting because I know food is what gets me to this point (aka slightly overweight, I know Im not at an unhealthy weight but Ive got a lot of excess body fat that an active girl like me shouldn't have) but I cant pinpoint one bad habit that causes me to gain weight and feel like crap. journal? I feel like this is something Ive tried a few times...but never committed myself fully to.

Here it goes. For this next week, I will sweat once a day (continuing from last week) and will write down my food intake EVERY day. I think this will be super hard. But if it helps me identify my weak points, I think its worth it.

Okay, its getting late, and Ive got a body pump class to get to in the morning so my sleep needs to be decent. The ashtanga class today was killer and Im definitely going back soon!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Body Pump

So I can;t really say enough about body pump. An hour of music, fun and working out. And by working out I mean taking my muscles to their absolute extreme. I've never been able to commit to doing weight training at the gym, long term, because I really don't know squat about it (pun definitely intended) and BP gives me all the rep/weigh info I need and keeps me focused. There is no way I would even be able to do a half hour of weights at the gym and BP gets me doing an hour!

If its not already obvious, I went to BP today and loved it. My instructor was awesome and I was just feeling great. I was fueled by some awesome sushi (way better than my last attempt) and ready for some muscle burn.

My eats today were pretty decent (although I might be sushi-ed out).
Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, coconut, AB, and a tiny drizzle of caramel sauce. Tea with milk.
Lunch: California roll and an avocado roll. 2 clementines.
Supper: 4 homeade rolls of sushi (about 1 c of rice total, 1/2 avocado, 2 pieces of crab and 1/4 cucumber).

Tomorrow is my day off and Im planning on heading to the ashtanga shala in halifax and getting my all levels on! Ashtanga is a more difficult practice (to me) because there are less breaks and a lot more flow. Because of a yoga challenge at work I will be going to Ashtanga once a week for a month and Im so excited about it. There are a lot of challenging and new to me classes there and Im pretty excited about it!

Anyways, Im off to make some energy bars...instead of making strait up cookies. My healthy choice of the day! (and they're vegan too).

Monday, December 13, 2010

The weekend curse.

Oh so close.

So I missed a day of blogging and missed a day of sweating. And they weren't the same day. Yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather due to lots of lovely beverages on Saturday night. So I didn't make it to the blogging but I did still manage to get some yoga in, thanks to my staff meeting. Yup, our staff meetings include some sweet yoga!

And today was sweat free (besides the minimal sweating I did at work moving clothes and boxes). I guess its kind of a cop out but Im definitely coming down with a cold and I can tell that my body needs the rest (eep, only about 3 1/2 hours of sleep was had last night) and something like moksha or a run, just wouldn't be healthy.

Although I did try and make some healthier choices throughout the day. Lunch (medium veggie sub from quiznos) came without the combo option (aka no chips and pop) and I turned down a cookie from a lovely lulu.

Best part of the day: my keys were found! Pretty sure I manifested the shit out of that one.

Something funny and maybe a little weird happened yesterday. I know I don't talk about my vegetarianism a whole lot but it is something that I am mega proud of and work on every day. On Sunday, brunch was oh so necessary so me and Mel went to Moustache for some eggs and toast. Anyways I ordered the eggs florentine which was supposed to come with spinach and no meat. A mistake was made and I got the one with the ham, and I considered just picking it off and eating what was left, but after looking at my plate for a few minutes, I had to make the switch with the waiter. I honestly felt sick to my stomach at the thought of it. I know I still eat fish, but meat just turns my stomach now.

Anyways, so weird because its only been 9 months, but a huge accomplishment.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

It really happened

Yep, home made sushi. Not only do I have tons of supplies left and can make it again very soon, but it actually wasn't too hard to make AND it tasted pretty great. Comparable to Sobeys/Superstore sushi, but not up there with real restaurant sushi. I look forward to perfecting my technique though!

Anyways, today was filled with a poop load of people at work and a poop load of people at the mall I had to go to afterwards. The day was filled with small victories. At the mall I managed to not buy anything to snack on and didn't have too too many nachos before supper (a pretty irresistible snack to me, usually). Here are my eats so far: (p.s. I had about a roll and a half of sushi last night, post blogging)
Breakfast: Tim Horton's egg and cheese breakfast sandwhich on an everything bagel and a large tea with milk.
Snacks: Rice Krispie Treat and about a handful of jube jubes.
Lunch: 6 pieces of my homemade california roll and 2 clementines.
Snack: Little piece of cheese before workout (post mall).
Supper: 2 egg omelet with 1/2 tomato and some gr. onions and swiss cheese. Side of french fries. Filling, but not too tasty.

Next thing planned on being consumed tonight: several Kieth's when Im at Lower Deck with my friend Melanie. We pretty much go every Friday or Saturday night and have a few drinks and watch amazing live music. Maybe not the healthiest habit but it's something I love love love doing and look forward to it all week!

The exercise of the day was another day of 30 day shred, level 2 today. Im starting to realize that this is something I can extend past this week aka sweating once a day. Although I had a very busy day at work theres no reason I can't include some sort of exercise either before or after work every day. And those 20 minute videos' are great to include when I can't go otherwise.

Feeling great, ready for a great night.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Last minute success

I almost didn't make it today. All day I was planning on going to yoga at 5:08 and meet my friend (the instructor) afterwards to go over something we're planning for work. So I worked 7-3 and then went to the mall with my other work friend. After a lengthy shopping trip I realized I wasn't going to make it back in town for yoga, but thought "no big deal, I just need to get back for 6:08 to meet my friend" forgetting that was the sweating I had planned for work.

But I pulled through and did 30 day shred level one when I got home and now my arms are nice and tired, and Im feeling great. Work was crazy today. It was tax free at our store so it was mega busy but super fun. Its super easy to get stressed out and angry in that crazy environment but for the most part all the girls and guys working make an effort to keep the crazy fun and even relaxing. Its like we thrive in chaos. And it is super fun.

I think something that Im gonna do is just blog my eats for the day. Another way to keep me accountable and will help me with the saying NO part of my goals.
Breakfast: 2 slices of toast+1 egg with margarine. And one tea with milk AND one XL coffee with milk.
Lunch: Sushi- 1 veggie roll +1 avocado roll+miso soup.
Snacks: cookie+gummy bears at work. This was my best oppurtunity to say no today. Although I had a few GB I could have had a lot more and I only had about 1/2 of one cookie. Which Im pretty proud of cause it was delish.
Sup: Veggie and hummus wrap with every veg possible at the foodcourt of the mall (+tzaziki and feta) and let me tell you, it was delish. I also had 2 samples of pretzels they were giving out at the mall.

And I think thats it so far. Im sipping on a refresh tea from Starbizzle and about to try making sushi for the very first time! On a friday myself. Love my life. And Im not kidding! See ya's tomorrow.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Small Victories.

So, day one is complete of my week of sweating and making small adjustments in my diet. I went to UFIT tonight which is a class taught by one of our lululemon ambassadors (Ryan Cairns, he is amazing!). It's basically an hour of dancing, sweating and FUN! Its my second time going and so much better this time. I think the first time I went I was nervous about how I would look or whatever and this time I wanted to sweat and have fun.

Saying no was interesting. Instead of having a few pieces of candy at work (which I usually don't think twice about) I just had water. And I went to BK after ufit for a veggie burger and instead of having sprite for a drink (I can't handle caffeine this late at night) I had water. Yes, I still had french fries but its all about small victories people!

And obviously Im blogging, and loving life. I've got a mega busy weekend coming up but lots of fun planned too, including Sunday-my first day off in 2 whole weeks. Unfortunately I have to go to work for a staff meeting but they are so much fun that its not like work at all.

Thats all for now, lovelies. See you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New commitments

Here are my goals for this week (and yes, I am starting my week today because I believe in doing things NOW):
-sweat once a day
-say no once a day
-blog once a day

Yes, I have a lot on my plate right now by working 40+ hours a week but these are positive steps that can be made for me to become happier and healthier.

SWEAT: Running, yoga, gym. How can I complain, I have the gift of free, unlimited yoga! My job affords me the amazing opportunity to visit 8 fabulous local yoga studios as often as I want. Running is always free. And now that Im slowly starting to get back into it, a 2 mile run is the perfect way to allow my body to get used to it again. And the ol gym. Body pump is friggin amazing, I cant explain how much I love it. I think 3 classes a week is totally doable.

SAY NO: There are always lots of options to make a meal less healthy, or have a snack at work that I just don't need. Here's what I can commit to doing. Once a day I am going to mindfully make the healthier choice, whether it means no dessert, no cookies, or no quizno's, this is something that I need to remember and commit to.

BLOG: Yes, this one might be the hardest, but 30 minutes a night spent reflecting on my day and my commitments and goals. A step in the right direction I'd say.

Today was spent at work, at Moksha yoga in Dartmouth, and volunteering. But Im not including today in my goal, because that's just cheating.