Monday, November 22, 2010

Another week. Another challenge.

Still not running. I went for 2 miles on Tuesday and had to stop at pretty much exactly 22 minutes, due to some stabbing knee pain. This was not a fun feeling. Now I've taken exactly one week off and plan on trying 5km tomorrow night with the run club at work. Im hoping this break was enough to fix whatever was out of whack and the 5km will be no problem. Hoping, being the key word there. Im not sure what to expect yet.

Im not too upset about the whole lack of running, because Ive managed to stay fairly active so far with yoga and one body pump class. But I have a Goodlife membership starting TOMORROW which I am so excited for. Im hoping to get in at least 2 body pump classes a week, a long with my 2 yogas.

Ive also managed to continue eating fairly healthy (although Im still eating out WAY too much, more than once a week). So this week is IT. This is the week that I am only going to buy ONE of my meals. I've already made lunch for the next 2 days (not so healthy homemade mac and cheese, but Im pairing it with fresh veggies and fruit). Im done wasting my money on food that I can get at home.

Thats all for tonight. Ive got cookies to make!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Check it out.

What I've been doing lately:
Runnning (although this picture was taken Oct 31, no recent long runs)

Working, Im obviously posing for a twitpic in this gem, to show off a beaut new jacket

Baking, one of my true loves.

Volunteering. Last weekend I completed my Advanced Medical First Responder course with SJA.
Oh hey blog.

So, life is legitimately busy right now.  This past week I had 5 shifts, one holiday (Remembrance day), went to 5 classes (4 yoga and one UFIT), did 2 runs, 1 swim session, and 2 hours of volunteering. So, in summary, I am BUSY.

Unfortunately this also resulted in me eating out (buying meals) like 6 or 7 times (I think, I lost count). For the most part, they were pretty healthy, and I had a pretty nice paycheck this week but its still not acceptable. Its super frustrating for me because I love cooking and baking and this shouldn't be such a problem for me. I have the time, I just try to use the excuse of being busy but its not true, I can always fit making a meal in and this is something Im working on.

Also, one of the reasons I've been yoga-ing  so much this week is because I've been taking a tiny break from running!  On Thursday I was planning on at least 5km for a morning run but ended up stopping after 2 miles and walking home because I was having some pain in my left knee. It was bugging me for a bit walking over the next day BUT no pain since. I think Im gonna test it out with a short run on Tuesday morning, but if I have to take a longer break, I will. Im not training for anything right now and the last thing I want to do is hurt it long term.

Some goals for the week:
-More blogging (2 more times this week)
-4 yoga's
-Sweating once a day
-Bringing my meal to work EVERY day

We'll see what else the week brings, I'm always hopeful.