Monday, May 2, 2011

20 days.

That's it. 20 days until my marathon. This past week was low on activity but that's okay. Last long run of the training is complete and it was (dare I say it) a mild success.

Wednesday- 3 mile treadmill run
Thursday- 60 minute strength and length yoga class
Saturday- 18 mile run (3:23- 11:19 pace)
Sunday- 60 minute Moksha class

The pain in my knee started around mile 6 of my run and was bearable until about 14. After that I REALLY had to focus on my form and what it was going to be like in the marathon. I know Im going to be in pain during the run and I need to be able to BREATH and RUN through it.

No body pump this week. I might go to one this week, but definitely not after this week. This weeks longest run is looking like its going to be about 10 miles and Im looking forward to a non-soul crushing distance. Haha marathon training has completely changed my perception on running and distance.

The countdown is ON.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekly Run-down

So obviously Ive kind of lost this whole blogging frequently thing. But I think I can at least handle a weekly recap of my training/activity. 

Tuesday- Off
Wednesday- 3 mile Treadmill run
Thursday-Body Pump
Friday-5 mile run, 50 minutes Ashtanga yoga class
Saturday- Off day
Sunday- 10 mile run, 60 minutes Moksha yoga

Yesterday marks one month until my first marathon. My biggest worry right now is delaying any potential injury that I might sustain during training. During yesterdays 10 miler (which was supposed to be 12 miles) my IT band started hurting pretty badly after about 6.5 miles. So I suffered through another 3.5 miles and finished strong.

Ive made a committment to myself to roll it out (using my parents foam roller) and ice each and every single night until the marathon! Ive got another 20 mile run planned for this weekend (Saturday) but am comfortable cutting it down to 18 or 16 miles, depending on how the pain is.

I also want to make sure I get to Body Pump at least once this week and next week (to continue strengthening my glutes and hamstrings).

Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Yup, its my 23rd birthday (and Im blogging for the first time in a month, obviously).

In my 22nd year I:

-got a new job. 2 actually, one at Starbucks and one at lululemon athletica. Starbucks sucked but I met one of my current best friends there, so Im so happy I worked there. I obviously can't say enough about my job at lululemon. It has been pretty lifechanging. Taught me the importance of goal setting, of intentional speaking, and about the amazing people in Halifax NS (I think I work, worked, with most of them).

-I got a promotion. Went from educator to Keyleader at lululemon. Yup, it really could get better.

-Ran half marathons #3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. Five in one year. Thats pretty epic. They were the Bluenose in May 2010, Johnny Miles in July, Cobequid Trail half in August, PEI in October (with my sister!) and Hypothermic last month in February.

-Applied (and was rejected) to four medical schools. And guess what, its not going to end there. I will be doing the same this year.

-Moved from St. John's Newfoundland to Dartmouth N.S. and subsequently to Halifax. Recently signed the lease on a 2 bedroom Apt with my sister in Halifax. And yes, it is my dream apartment.

-Completed my first Sprint Triathlon. Which was amazing.

In my 23rd year, I will:

-Run my first marathon. The Bluenose marathon on May 22nd, 2011.

-Go to Calgary for the Stampede in July 2011 and to visit my cousin, Marie and amazing friend Mallary.

-Go to Toronto in October, to run the Toronto full or half marathon and visit my friend Melanie. If the NHL schedule co-operates with me, I will also see my first NHL game this same weekend.

-I will move in to my dream apartment June 10th, 2011.

-I will do an olympic distance triathlon by September 2011.

- I will apply, and get an interview to Dal Med school.

I will pretty much fall more and more in love with my life each and every day.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Marathon training is going as good I could hope for. I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea of running 26.2 miles but Im having more confidence in my legs and body everyday.

Last month (January) I ran a total of 48 miles, went to 2 yoga classes a week and 1 body pump a week. This month so far Ive ran 53 miles and have got between 13-16 miles left this week (10 miler on Sunday).

I ran 13 miles this past Saturday and it was pretty great (chilly and wet, but legs felt good). So Ive got two half marathons under my belt for the month, and this weekend is kind of my kick back week and Im (only) doing 10 miles.

Ive definitely altered my schedule since I posted it the first time. Heres what it looks like now (only running is included, no cross training):

Almost impossible to read but Ill post a better picture when I get a chance.
Im pretty happy with how my body is reacting. Im not feeling too much pain yet, knees are the only place I hurt after a long run. I think yoga is one of the reasons my body is holding up so well. I think Im just going to try and ice my knees after all long runs to keep the inflammation down.

Recovery time is pretty minimal (Ive worked hours after my last 3 long runs) and staying on my feet has actually helped me because it keeps me from laying in bed and stiffening up.

The runs themselves are LONG though. The 13 miles on Saturday took me 2:30 running time, but I was probably outside for about 3 hours. I had to stop and change at my parents because I was so soaked. The rest are undocumented rests (which I am so so okay with). So my mornings are pretty much over by the time Im home, showered and fed.

One of the things Im trying to commit to (after long runs and all week) is eating better. Ive been getting a lot better this week with keeping bad snacking to a minimum and choosing healthier when I eat out. But a long run does not make it okay for quizno's and pad thai in one afternoon!

Last little update. Im thinking about making some changes to my diet. Im going to try and cut back on the dairy. I dont have a lot to begin with but Im starting to think I could go without it altogether. I also would LOVE to commit to eating a more local/organic diet but not ready to fully make that decision yet, so Im at least going to try and get to the Farmers Marker this week!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Yup, this post might be a little late. And by a little, I mean 9 days.

Last Sunday I ran half marathon #7, and I survived!

The morning started pretty well, got an amazing sleep and woke up energized and hydrated and ready to run. The only thing I was really worried about was what to wear. The weather was somewhere between -2 and +2 (Celsius) and the rain was on and off, and the wind was strong (although not too cold). So I kind of debated between wearing one layer plus a jacket or two layers and a jacket. I ended up decided (in the bathroom 10 minutes before the race started) on two layers and a jacket. I changed my mind AGAIN at mile 2 where I got the chance to give my mom my jacket.

The run started at 9am, and I think me and the two other girls I went with (co-workers) got to the start like at 8:59:30. I think we waited for 10 seconds before the start gun went off. Oh well, we weren't late and didnt have to stand outside too long without moving.

From the very first step I knew it was going to be a difficult run, only because the first 2 miles were up and down hills. This was not my biggest concern though. The short run I had the Friday before the race I had gotten pretty dizzy and nautious about a half a mile into my run, so I was kind of expecting the same thing in the race, but I managed to run through it. My Dad saw me around mile 3 and said I looked pretty off and unfocused so I definitelly wasn't 100% but I was able to get through it without passing out or quitting.

The course was not fun. I am not exaggerating when I say that you were either going up or down hill the WHOLE time. It was all hills, and really hard ones too (it felt like they never ended). Along with the hills there was wind. For the first 6.5 miles it was at your back...and then you had to turn around. For the last 6.5 miles of the half marathon there was ridiculous wind blowing straight at you. It was insane. I wasn't running competitively (well...I never do) but I had no goal pace in mind so I had a smile on my face and just slowed down and got through it. Everyone I know that had a goal time, came in at least 10 minutes behind it. Unfortunate, but when you sign up for a half marathon in February in Nova Scotia, its a definite risk.

My biggest goal of this run was to finish in a semi-respectable time and not injure myself (I had to work that afternoon at 2) and I did it. I think my final time was around 2:25 (just under it maybe) which is yes, my second slowest half marathon time, but I was so happy about it. Honestly my last 5 miles were spent walking more then running (well not really, but it felt like it. It was probably 3 minutes of walking every 10 minutes) and cursing the wind. I managed to drag my tired ol legs past that finish line and it felt beyond great to do it. Something about finishing a race is so beyond magical, even if it is your 7th half marathon, Im always just so very proud.

I wasn't too sore afterwards, I could have used a nap but I didn't have time. I worked, then went out for a beer afterwards and then came home and slept. I went for a run on the wednesday (treadmill) and it felt pretty great (I only squeaked out 2 miles) and after another short (3 mile) treadmill run on Friday, I got my long run in for the week on Sunday. After having a few beers and a poutine on Saturday night, I got up bright and early (8am) on Sunday and pounded out 10 miles in -15 degree weather. The first 2 miles were with my sister and then I felt surprisingly good for the next 6 miles. Last 2 were difficult but not impossible and I finished with something like 11 minute miles.

All in all, its been a great week for running.

Monday, January 31, 2011

One BIG goal =complete

Although I didn't talk about it a whole lot on this blog, the end of January brings about the completion of a really big goal for me. I've repeatedly talked about how eating out can be a problem for me, I waste a lot of money and I don't always make the healthiest choices when eating out. Well, me and my sister were sitting in Wendys on January 1st with our younger cousin and we decided that we were sick of wasting our money. We had moved in together THAT day and realized we could definitely go a whole month without eating out.

So we made the goal, that day that for the whole month of January we would not be eating out, and today marks the completion of that goal :) 

I've brought every lunch, I've made every supper (well, WE made every supper) and cooked every breakfast. With the exception of one poutine this past weekend and a few timbits at work, all the food thats passed my list has been bought at a grocery store (and we didn't even buy any pre-made stuff).

Its actually been an awesome month for eating. Especially since I got a vegetarian cookbook for christmas. I've made a ton of recipes from it including:
-crunchy almond noodle salad
-roasted vegetable cous cous salad
-tofu and broccoli in peanut sauce
-vegetarian chili fries
-crunchy baked mac and cheese
-tofu salad sandwiches

Along with those ones (all leftovers made great lunches at work!) there was also lots of recipe-free meals like sushi, spaghetti squash, pad thai (which I later found out the sauce I use has chicken broth in it), stir fry, salads and more.

It was an excellent month, and although we haven't given up going out for meals forever (in fact me and my sister are going out for lunch tomorrow), I think its changed my perspective on how important making meals is, and how easy it is (really, it is).

Its been a great month and I am so proud of myself and my sister for spending our first month together in a very economical and healthy way :) 

How often do you eat out?  Although this is one completed goal, I am going to continue it through the year with the following goal:

I will not eat out one week per month, every month of 2011.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Not so smart?

So I did something today that may be considered not so smart. I signed up for a half marathon. Sounds alright, right? Well the half marathon is in 11 days? THERE it is. Okay so its not genius but I really just couldn't pass it up. It is the hypothermic half marathon on Sunday February 6th. I ran it last year in St. John's and it was so much fun! Well, it was as fun as a half marathon can be. I honestly am not sure why I think of this one as one of my most fun "races" but it might have been the 2 feet of snow, it might have been the 80% of people that dropped out due to the snow, or it may have been the brunch afterwards. Its not the best time Ive ever gotten (I think I did 2:23) and I was actually the most sore Ive ever been the next day (due to so much extra movement running in lots of snow) but it was a winter half marathon. It was hardcore.

So two of the girls I work with are running it. I have the morning off, and I found someone on Kijiji selling her race entry so I snatched it up. It will be half marathon #7 and I am NOT worrying about my time, or my pace, or anything. Im just going to run it, take walking breaks when I need to, and enjoy the run. It will definitely be included as a long training run (Remember, Im training for a full marathon) in my schedule and Ill take a few days off afterwards.

The thing is, I love "races". I use quotations because I am never really racing and not competitive but something about people getting together to test themselves, their bodies and minds, and see what they can pull off. There is a special energy that surrounds people about to start a half marathon and when they finish, it is even more electric. I have yet to met a runner who isnt at least somewhat excited at the start of a race. I get such a high off of it and I think it will help increase my excitement and training enthusiasm towards the Bluenose.

Anyways, Im in pretty good shape for it. Ran 9 miles today. It was difficult for the pure fact that there was a good 4cm of fresh powdery (slippery) snow on the sidewalks. Besides that (and some bathroom troubles), the run was good. I didn't take any unplanned breaks (Ive recently been doing a minute walking every 2 miles) and was able to finish strong.

Life is about to get a LOT more busy at work, so for the next few months (at least) its going to be a LOT of work and running and not much else. Going to try and focus on feeding myself great foods and drinking lots of water to keep myself healthy, and keep up the yoga and body pump to keep myself strong and injury free.

Enough for now.

Anyone out there running the Halifax Hypothermic Half Marathon?