Sunday, November 14, 2010

Check it out.

What I've been doing lately:
Runnning (although this picture was taken Oct 31, no recent long runs)

Working, Im obviously posing for a twitpic in this gem, to show off a beaut new jacket

Baking, one of my true loves.

Volunteering. Last weekend I completed my Advanced Medical First Responder course with SJA.
Oh hey blog.

So, life is legitimately busy right now.  This past week I had 5 shifts, one holiday (Remembrance day), went to 5 classes (4 yoga and one UFIT), did 2 runs, 1 swim session, and 2 hours of volunteering. So, in summary, I am BUSY.

Unfortunately this also resulted in me eating out (buying meals) like 6 or 7 times (I think, I lost count). For the most part, they were pretty healthy, and I had a pretty nice paycheck this week but its still not acceptable. Its super frustrating for me because I love cooking and baking and this shouldn't be such a problem for me. I have the time, I just try to use the excuse of being busy but its not true, I can always fit making a meal in and this is something Im working on.

Also, one of the reasons I've been yoga-ing  so much this week is because I've been taking a tiny break from running!  On Thursday I was planning on at least 5km for a morning run but ended up stopping after 2 miles and walking home because I was having some pain in my left knee. It was bugging me for a bit walking over the next day BUT no pain since. I think Im gonna test it out with a short run on Tuesday morning, but if I have to take a longer break, I will. Im not training for anything right now and the last thing I want to do is hurt it long term.

Some goals for the week:
-More blogging (2 more times this week)
-4 yoga's
-Sweating once a day
-Bringing my meal to work EVERY day

We'll see what else the week brings, I'm always hopeful.

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