Monday, January 31, 2011

One BIG goal =complete

Although I didn't talk about it a whole lot on this blog, the end of January brings about the completion of a really big goal for me. I've repeatedly talked about how eating out can be a problem for me, I waste a lot of money and I don't always make the healthiest choices when eating out. Well, me and my sister were sitting in Wendys on January 1st with our younger cousin and we decided that we were sick of wasting our money. We had moved in together THAT day and realized we could definitely go a whole month without eating out.

So we made the goal, that day that for the whole month of January we would not be eating out, and today marks the completion of that goal :) 

I've brought every lunch, I've made every supper (well, WE made every supper) and cooked every breakfast. With the exception of one poutine this past weekend and a few timbits at work, all the food thats passed my list has been bought at a grocery store (and we didn't even buy any pre-made stuff).

Its actually been an awesome month for eating. Especially since I got a vegetarian cookbook for christmas. I've made a ton of recipes from it including:
-crunchy almond noodle salad
-roasted vegetable cous cous salad
-tofu and broccoli in peanut sauce
-vegetarian chili fries
-crunchy baked mac and cheese
-tofu salad sandwiches

Along with those ones (all leftovers made great lunches at work!) there was also lots of recipe-free meals like sushi, spaghetti squash, pad thai (which I later found out the sauce I use has chicken broth in it), stir fry, salads and more.

It was an excellent month, and although we haven't given up going out for meals forever (in fact me and my sister are going out for lunch tomorrow), I think its changed my perspective on how important making meals is, and how easy it is (really, it is).

Its been a great month and I am so proud of myself and my sister for spending our first month together in a very economical and healthy way :) 

How often do you eat out?  Although this is one completed goal, I am going to continue it through the year with the following goal:

I will not eat out one week per month, every month of 2011.

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