Monday, October 25, 2010

Oh, hey blog.

So much in my life going on right now! I honestly can't remember the last night I had a full night off, with no studying or work on med school apps (or work, or volunteering, or swimming, or you get the point).

So instead of going swimming with the Halifax Triathlon club, like I usually do Monday nights) I went and hung out at my sisters for a while and then came home and Ive been laying on my bed since. Not my favourite thing to do but my body was feeling uber tired and not ready for swimming (and definitely not up for the walk to the pool in the chilly weather).

Not only does this busy schedule have me feeling a little tired, but it's definitely affecting my eating habits. I don't really know when I stopped eating really healthy but I did, and its catching up on me. Not only have I gained a bit of weight (nothing too killer) but I just don't feel as great. At the end of the day I should feel proud of the food choices Ive made, not embarrassed.

So, Im re-committing to making healthy choices with not only my food, but with my workout routine. I've only done one run since my half marathon last Sunday (and it was 2 miles) but it's actually not that I'm concerned about. I know I need to incorporate more than running and yoga into my routine (although Im starting back into 3-4 runs per week tomorrow). So tomorrow also marks day one of the 30 Day Shred.

Here are some of the health committments I'm making for the next few weeks and months:
-Only buy one meal per week from restaurant/fast food place.
-Do 30 day shred each and every day over the next 30 days.
-Drink 2L of water a day.
-No snacking after supper.
-Go for 3-4 runs per week. Including either one speed workout or hill workout AND one long run (8+ miles).
-At least 2 yoga's per week.

So thats my plan. Now its all out there. And Ill try to blog more, because it keeps me accountable! Half marathon re-cap will hopefully be coming soon :)

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