Tuesday, June 15, 2010


So here's the situation:

I have a half marathon on this upcoming Sunday. And I have an injury. Well, two really. My 4-6 month long pain in the balls of both my feet that I get after about 10km. And recently (last week and a half) I've got a pain (when I both run and walk) just above the heel of my left foot.

I don't want to hurt myself more so I've only run three times in the two weeks (12 miler last Sunday, then a 4 miler and a 4.5 mile on this past Sunday). This is a really hard thing to do, considering that I just got a new Garmin Forerunner 405. I can't try it out until Sunday but Im so excited to! Anyways, not running=hard. Hurting myself permanently=worse.

So I went to physio today to see what the situation really is. She seems to have an idea of whats going on but I have to go back on Thursday for a treadmill run. And on Thursday she is going to tell me whether it's okay for me to run on Sunday or not.

This is where it gets complicated. I've run 12 miles on both injuries recently (week and a half ago) and it was really hard but I got through it and I dont think I hurt my feet anymore. So I dont think running the half would be detrimental to my health. But if she says I cant run it, I know I shouldn't. I know that, but I really want to. I'm a little scared or training (and paying for) a half marathon and then not even trying it. That seems like such a waste for me. I don't know. I hope that when Thursday comes, Ill be okay with the possibility of not running on Sunday but right now, Im not okay with that.

I know this is kinda selfish and I know that there are more races ahead in my future, but Bluenose was so hard for me and I think if I run this one smarter (read: go out slower) it would be so much better. Plus I love the fact that its a course Im unfamiliar with and Ill be able to look around/be distracted and what not. Plus, my whole family is doing either the half or the 10km and I really want to be able to run with them instead of just watch them.

Anyways, Poor little me! Haha life has been very interesting lately. But still no job. Boo

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