Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tired Runner

I ran 12 miles this morning. I feel like is stole my spirit. Haha not really but I am just exhausted. I've spent the whole day watching shitty tv and laying in bed and eating tostitos with some sick salsa leftover from last nights grad party.

I ran it in 2:06:31. Which is a 10:31 min/mile pace. Im happy with that. It is slower than what Id like to do for the half (which is two weeks from today) but thats what training runs are for right? They are meant to be slower than goal pace. This is something that I try to tell myself during my long runs, but I always feel like Im wasting them by going slower than I intend to during the race. Is this a normal feeling? I feel like I pushed myself a little too hard today, but Im happy with my effort and that I didn't give up.

And I chafed. Like a you know what. Man, I forgot how brutal it is for skin to rub against skin for two straight hours. And yes that sounds dirty, but it is the opposite! Painful. Ugh, so I'm going to be body-gliding the shit out of any chafe-prone area for every future run. Oh the glamour.

I had a family bbq last night. It was my graduation party :) It was a fun afternoon and I was able to eat relatively healthy (although the 6 beer I drank weren't so healthy...but they were drank, not ate) and eating vegetarian was no problem. Although that may have something to do with the fact that I helped plan the menu.

Man, not really feeling this blogging thing lately. Sorry Brad. Haha :)

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