Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Brick Workout of Death

Holy shit, this whole training in the heat of summer is HARD, even though Im trying to be as smart about it as possible. Yesterday I got a good strength workout in, and even a quick bike ride to and from the grocery store. It is warm as hell here in Dartmouth, at least 30 degrees both today and yesterday. Last night I had a few beers and didnt get to sleep until late late late, so this morning I was not up until late late late. So unfortunately I was not able to get my workout in early in the morning, before the heat started.

I wasnt able to get my workout in before the heat but that wasnt enough of an excuse for me to not workout at all. I know that working out in the dead heat of the day (I went out at 1pm) is not exactly safe. Im very aware of that so I tried to guzzle as much water in before my bike ride, and take a giant (1L) bottle with me for it, along with making sure I was adequately fueled (big breakfast + entire fruit bar before I left).

This being said, these precautions did not make biking and running in 30 degree weather any easier. I was planning on an 8 mile bike and 4 mile first official brick workout. Now, I ended up doing an 8.5 mile bike and a 3.1 mile (5km) run. And although the bike ride was nice, the run was hell. Here are the stats:

An 8.47 mile bike ride. Total time: 41:38 with an average pace of 4:55/mile and an average speed of 12.2mph.
I ended my bike ride at the bottom of the hill I live on, walked up that (nice and slowly), exchanged my bike and helmet for a hat and ipod and set out on my attempted 4 mile run (not before guzzling the end of my 1L water bottle). It felt weird starting out, like my legs were lead and I was going 2 miles an hour, but they eventually loosened up and I was going a decent pace. I knew after about a mile I wasnt going to be able to do 4 full miles, but I wanted to make sure I got at least 5km in, the distance Ill be doing in the real triathalon, and thats about all my body could handle. Here are some stats:
Mile 0-1: 10:06, my only decent mile
Mile 1-2: 11:02
Mile 2-3: 11:40
Mile 3-3.1: 1:21

These are including the minimum of 1 minute walking I did every mile, so I wasnt running that slow, just taking lots of breaks. Walking up my hills after the run was over was painful, I felt weak and pretty terrible, but once I got home, chugged some water and jumped in the pool (also some attempting stretching) I felt a bit better.

I didnt exactly eat the best after my workout so I wasnt feeling so great for the rest of the afternoon, but Im good now and proud of myself for getting a decent workout in.

Sleep is coming very soon, I cant wait!

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