Sunday, July 25, 2010

Better late than never.

Friday, July 23rd, 2010. I might have to get this date tattooed on my forehead or something. Why you ask? To remind myself of an amazing amazing, almost pain free, 10 mile run.

Well, maybe a tattoo isnt the smartest idea, but its definitely a feeling I want to (and am going to remember) for a long time. Not that my last few runs have been exceptionally painful (no more than usual) but this run was focused all on "form, not speed". I kept repeating this mantra in times of pain, or times when I was mentally struggling. Its amazing how powerful such a simple statement can be mile 8 into a long run. And it turns out that my improved running form helps me run faster. Here's my stats:

Total distance: 10.00miles
Total time: 1:44:45
Average Pace: 10:29/mile

Mile 0-1: 9:57
Mile 1-2: 10:15
Mile 2-3: 10:56
Mile 3-4: 10:35
Mile 4-5: 10:46
Mile 5-6: 10:08
Mile 6-7: 10:22
Mile 7-8: 10:12
Mile 8-9: 10:06
Mile 9-10: 11:24

Clearly much faster than last week, I think its 8 minutes faster in total? And it felt very consistent. I was only really struggling on the last mile (took a 1 minute walking break) and that was mostly because I was feeling a little hungry and had to use the washroom (ironic? haha). But yes, the big story of this run for me, was that I had very little foot pain. Generally after 6-8 miles I get a stabbing pain in both feet and its slows me down and kills me. But this run I focused on "heel-toe, heel-toe" and I think it worked! No it wasn't completely pain free, but definitely a huge difference.

So a great long run, then had a big celebration afterwards with lots of beer, and food, and Scottish boys haha. And I ended up going out again last night, and worked both these mornings. This much drinking+not sleeping has wrecked my body. Im seriously more sore after drinking, then after running 10 miles. This has motivated me to give up the booze and the restaurant food for one full week. Until Natal day (Monday August 2nd) I will NOT be eating out or drinking. This includes when I work at Starbucks so Ill have to be packing some snacks and healthy lunches. This will not only help me stay on track with my workouts, but also help me save some money.

I love challenging myself, and this is definitely going to be a challenge!

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