Monday, July 19, 2010

Tri Training: Day 1

Well, I guess I can call every workout after today a "tri training" workout, but there was nothing too special about today's run, except that it was in insane heat, something Im not going to use as an excuse to skip a run (especially when I only have 3 miles planned). Something a little bit special about today's workout though...was that it was "planned". Ive never really followed a "training" schedule before, besides planning each weekends long runs for half marathon training, but now Ive got a legitimate workout schedule for the next two weeks, planned around my work schedule, that Im hoping to stick to. Here's what it looks like, up until August 2nd:

July 19th- Bike to and from SPCA (volunteering) 5 miles each way, run 3 miles
July 20th- Strength
July 21st- Brick workout Bike 8 miles then right after run 4 miles
July 22nd-Strength
July 23rd-Run 10 miles
July 24th- Run 3 miles
July 25th-Strength
July 26th- Bike to and from SPCA, 5 miles both ways
July 27th-Run 5 miles
July 28th-Swim 30 minutes, strength
July 29th-Brick, Bike 10 miles, run 4 miles
July 30th-Strength
July 31st- Run 10 miles
Aug 1st-OFF
Aug 2nd- 2 Mile Natal Day road race

So it is definitely going to be a tough few weeks, but Im looking forward to incorporating more strength into my routine, and Im also really excited to start the brick workouts. These are definitely going to be necessary to learn the transition between swimming/biking and biking/running, and give my legs a feel for how tough thats going to be. Im going to try and include at least one brick workout a week.

Todays workout went as planned. My bike ride to the SPCA was 5.04 miles total and took me 33:47. The ride home was 4.78 miles (forgot to start my GPS after some lights) and took me 28:24. Im not going to bother including splits for any of my bike workouts (because right now I dont really care about my biking speed) but I do plan on blogging each and every workout from now on, because it keeps me focused and motivated.

My run today was done at noon time. Now I KNOW this isn't smart. Running in 30 degree weather at the peak sun time and what not, but I felt like I was keeping the pace pretty slow (although it turned out to be a fairly fast first 2 miles...last one, not so much) and I knew I was adequately hydrated. Anyways, here's my splits, I only ran 2.9 miles total:
Mile 0-1: 9:13
Mile 1-2: 9:15
Mile 2-2.9: 10:44 <--Body pretty much gave up, I definitely could not have gone any further than 3 miles today
Total: 29:12

That's it for today. Im going to see inception with my sister tonight, looking forward to some Leo action :)

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