Saturday, January 15, 2011

Days off!

...well really, day off. But yesterday I only worked for 3 hours (although it was from 7-10am which was kind of hard) so I kind of consider it a day off. Today was also lovely for the reason that I was not working.  That being said, neither of these days were that relaxing.

Yesterday was spent at work in the morning. Then a quick trip to the grocery store to pick up some food! Still going strong on the no eating out for a month  and its going really great (been 2 weeks today). Although we are spending about $100 a week for groceries (for 2 people). I dont think its too much, its just a lot to spend at once (rather then the $10 bucks spent on a lunch or $20 spent on a supper). The rest of the afternoon was spent making sushi and yummy nacho dip. I also made it out for a fast but tough 3 mile run and an awesome yoga at 108 for Liz's TGIF class (one of my favourite in the city).

Last night I went to a work friends house for a games night. I was hoping to make it downtown afterwards to hang out with my sister but I think I ate something weird and was left with some serious stomach cramps. Not cool...and not something I usually have to deal with. My hypothesis is that I had too much dairy (one dip I ate, had sour cream, cream cheese and cheddar cheese) because I really dont eat too much of it so I dont think my stomach reacted all that great.

Today was another busy day with the OptiMYz health expo, yoga and some eating (although my stomach is still feeling a little off). Tonights plan is to get my butt down to Lower Deck with my friend Mel. Im planning on taking it pretty easy on the beers because Im going to do 8 miles in the morning. 8 miles will be the longest Ive run since my epic 15 miler in October (Novermber?) and it only goes uphill from here! So excited to be training for a marathon, even in the early stages, it scares the shit out of me (but it also gets my butt moving off my couch and out the door to run).

Ill leave you with a picture from earlier today. Myles (the Bluenose Marathon mascot) and me and some of my lovely lulu ladies.

See you in 4 months, Myles.

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