Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Marathon Training

So its happening. I have my training plan written out. I guess its pretty a pretty tentative schedule, considering my long runs could be anywhere from friday-monday depending on my work schedule. BUT this is it, on May 22nd Im running a freaking MARATHON. That amazes me, and I havent barely started training for it but I know I can do it. This schedule here only calls for 4 really long runs (more than a half marathon) so I think I might bump that up by one and do another 14-16 miler in February (on the 27th probably) depending on how Im feeling.

So the plan is, 3-4 runs a week (3 min, 5 max), 2 yogas and 2 Body pumps. And one rest day. That may seem like a lot but I have the option of choosing very relaxing yoga classes that will aid in my recovery after long runs. For example, 108 Yoga in Halifax ( has a Nourish class Sunday evenings that are half Yin yoga and half yoga nidra (aka half hour of savasana!) which is amazing after long run days.

This workout schedule is being combined with a very improved diet! I recently moved in with my sister in Halifax and we made the goal of not eating out for the whole month of January. Its now January 12th and Im still going strong! Not that I think eating out was so so terrible but I was just doing it way too much and not always making the best choices when eating out. Now I know when I do go back to eating out from time to time, Ill enjoy it so much more, and think of it as a treat, rather then a necessity.

Something that makes it a lot easier to make this switch is that I freaking love to cook! I got a new vegetarian cookbook for Christmas and so far I think Ive made 5 or so recipes. And they've all been great! Ill try posting my favorites on here from time to time.

One of the other things Im working on right now is trying to remind myself (fairly often) that running a marathon (and being healthy) is not my only goal in life. Ive been majorly slacking on some of the other goals in my life and I need to refocus and find a way to balance all my passions!

Otherwise, Im loving life right now. Busy, but manageable and balanced.

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