Thursday, April 29, 2010

Eating at home

I know I talk about running a lot. I think that's probably because it's going really really well. I'm seeing improvements after a year of sitting at a plateau (a speed plateau, my distance has steadily been improving). So, when I come on to blog, running kind of takes over. But, food is a big part of my life too. It's also a big part of my running. Do I think that my speed is improving because I turned vegetarian? Not necessarily. But I definitely think its related to my increased intake of healthy, clean foods and decreased processed, saturated fat laden food consumption.

When I was coming home from university, to a home where both my parents eat meat, I was a little worried to say the least. I've never been passive in the meal preparation process but I knew that if I was going to be eating vegetarian at home, I would really have to step up.

I've been making (and help make) foods that my dad could either add meat to, or are filling enough to eat without meat (although for the most part my dad does eat meat with the meals I prepare). So far it has been going very well, although it has only been a week. My mom doesn't eat with us but she recently watched Food, Inc and is considering switching to locally raised meat. Although her motivation may be a little misguided (I have a hard time believing that someone can make such a decision based on a movie) I'm really proud that she's making an effort to become more ethical about her eating.

Since I've been home, where we have a bit of an increased food budget and increased storage space, my diet has improved significantly. Well, maybe not significantly, but I feel a hell of a lot better. I started trying out spinach smoothies with my breakfast and post workout. A few handfuls of spinach, frozen bananas and strawberries, milk and a half a scoop of protein powder. It's a really great way to start out my morning. That goes along with my egg and toast. What can I say...I love a good breakfast.

I also discovered edamame. Or I guess, shelled edamame because what I have isn't in those little pod things. Its got a buttload of protein and is super easy to prepare and oh yeah, it's super tasty. So I made some pad thai yesterday and my dad added a piece of chicken, I just mixed in a half a cup of edamame. It was delicious. It's definitely going to be making a regular appearance in my meals.

Okay, that's enough about food. Writing this is making me hungry. Snack time I'd say.

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