Sunday, April 18, 2010

Hockey trumps studying

Im feeling very stressed out about my two remaining exams. I probably haven't studied enough, but I still have all day tomorrow, and almost all day Tuesday. I should be alright...but they are my last two exams of my undergraduate. And I have like an 83 and 85 in them (Im hoping to keep those A's intact) but I dont feel as prepared as I should.

Ten miles of hilly running in St.John's doesnt scare me at all, but 2 little exams have me stressing out all night instead of studying.

Speaking of ten miles. I had my third ten mile run this morning (of my training for my half in May). I was a little "ahead of schedule" on my training so Im just staying at 10 miles until a month before the race (this upcoming weekend), doing an 11, then a 12, then a weekend off, then race day :) Im actually super excited for this half marathon!

Why you ask? Well, Im running faster, thats for sure. I finished todays 9.77 mile run in about 1:36, which is a 9:55 pace. Im running harder. Today was not the same as last week. Last week I was floating. I felt like I could run forever and finished on a sprint. This week, pain. Both physical and mental. I just felt like I was working for every step. And boy, was I working hard.

But I finished it. And it feels good to have another long run under my belt. A little sad because it was my last long run in St. John's. Back to Dartmouth on Saturday. Im actually really looking forward to being home, but St. John's is truly a beautiful place: to run in and to live in.

And tomorrow, although I am going to be studying, Im also going to be watching the Boston Marathon. I read about the course online and it made me want to run it. Not any marathon, but that one! Running Boston is definitely a lifetime goal of mine. And Ill do it eventually, I know it.

Anyways, game 3 of Pittsburgh/Ottawa is on, so Im gonna watch that, maybe shovel a bit more food in my face and go to bed early. Big day of studying tomorrow and then Im almost done!

Allison :)

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  1. Awesome run!!! You will run Boston someday! It's worth the wait :-) Seriously it's the most amazing feeling in the world when you cross that finish line :)