Friday, April 16, 2010

Last round of exams

So I really really want to start blogging more.

The more I read other peoples blogs, the more Im inspired to write in this more, but unfortunately I have these little things called exams. Ive had two so far (a 3 hour biochemistry exam from hell, and a 30 minute joke of a Political science exam) and two left, both of which will be a little difficult but not too bad I think.

But back to what I was saying. I religiously read a handful of health blogs daily, and a ton more a bit more casually. Not only do they inspire me to write in this, but they inspire me. Period.

I've actually been reading a lot of blogs "about me" and "favourite posts" and looking at the marathon posts. I want to run a marathon so bad now. My goal is to do one before I turn 25, but I think Im going to start training for one next summer. This summer is all about the halfs, and smaller races and I think Id like to lose a few more pounds before I start training for the ol' 26.2.

The point is, I am going to run a marathon, and I cant wait. I know its going to be hard as hell, and yeah, its going to be hard on my body, but I know I can do it.

And this summer, I think Ill be doing more than the one half marathon. I know there are a few around NS this summer, so Im thinking Ill be doing 3 :) Hopefully. Now if I get a job and cant get the time off, thats another story.

And about this blog, I really want to start doing the whole "pictures of my food" thing because Im proud of what I eat and I want to share it! When I get home, Ill have access to a camera and usb and what not. I love that Im vegetarian now. It started as a thing to do for health, but after watching the trailer for Earthlings, there are definitely some ethical reasons for me to not eat meat aswell. I love animals, and if I dont need to eat them, why should I? If you don't believe that the meat/animals we eat, arent horribly abused during their lifetime, then you need to watch that trailer.

Anyways, I think Im gonna go pick up some beer and chips and watch the hockey game. Not kidding. Ive been studying all day, and this is my reward! Have a great night everybody! If anyone is reading :)

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