Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blog Slacking

, but not exercise slacking :)

Although you wouldn't know it from the blog, I had a great week in exercise, although this week had no long run, due to a lovely little head cold.

The week started out with my usual SPCA bike ride (5 miles out, 2 hours of volunteering and 5 miles back). Tuesday I had a great 5 mile run, although it was a little slower than I would have liked to do for 5 miles on fresh legs. Here are the stats:

Total Distance: 5.00 miles
Total Time:  51:31
Average Pace: 10:18 min/mile
Mile 0-1: 10:23
Mile 1-2: 9:51
Mile 2-3: 10:17
Mile 3-4: 11:06
Mile 4-5: 9:52

Yeah, I'd like to keep my "short" runs (everything but my long runs pretty much, I dont exactly consider 5 miles short) under 10 minute miles on average, but in the heat, thats all I can really hope for, and no breaks so thats awesome!

Tuesday also included my first (and definitely not last) Hot Yoga! I went for an hour Moksha class at Moksha Yoga in Dartmouth. They only opened on Saturday the 24th, so they were offering free yoga classes all week. I was very impressed with the class. Ive never sweat so much in my life, and I felt strong the entire class. It was definitely invigorating and felt very detoxifying.

Wednesday was Brick workout #2. This consisted of a 10 mile bike ride and what was supposed to be a 4 mile run, and ended up being a 3.5 mile run. The workout was amazing. Legs felt strong and great on the run. My Garmin died around mile 1.5 but I kept going around the same pace, and Im pretty sure I was able to keep up about a 10 minute mile pace. My Bike Stats:

Total Distance: 10.00 miles
Total Time: 47:41
Average Pace: 4:46 minute/mile

And my Run Stats before the garmin died:
Total Distance: 1.66miles
Total Time: 16:16
Average Pace: 9:47 minute/mile

I also went to yoga on Wednesday, so it was an exhausting day. I went to bed super early that night, and had a lovely sleep. I knew I had to have a decent sleep because I was meeting my mother at the lake at 7am the next morning, on Thursday, for my first open water swim :) Not much to say about this swim, other than I think the distance was around 700m total and mom said it was about 26 min, but I was pretty much just trying to get used to the water, I had lots and lots of breaks. One thing I learned: I need new goggles and need a swimming cap for sure. I also need to make some decisions as to what Im going to swim/bike/run in so I can start training in similar gear.

I has yoga and strength scheduled for that day, but I was just plain tired after that swim, so I decided to relax for the rest of the afternoon, and baked some bread and watched Jersey Shore :). I ended up going to my sisters to stay for the night because I was working at 530 on Friday morning. She is currently training for the PEI Half Marathon (her first, and I will also being doing it, so its my next half marathon) and she had a 4 mile run scheduled for that night, so I decided to join. I was tired and full from all the bread and pizza I ate that day. My sister was also tired from working for 12 hours that day, so thank god we were going together otherwise I dont think either of us would have gone out. So, we were expecting a pretty bad run, and although it was a bit slow, it was an awesome run! It went by in the blink of an eye. Here are the stats:

Total Distance: 4.23 miles
Total Time: 44:48
Average Pace: 10:35
Mile 0-1: 11:11
Mile 1-2: 11:10
Mile 2-3: 10:26
Mile 3-4: 9:56
Mile 4-4.23: 2:03 (8:48 pace)

I think it helped a lot that we went out super slow because we were able to pick it up a lot the second half.

Thursday's run was my last workout (today is Sunday). I woke up on Friday with a cold, worked from 530-130, made it home and had a nap. Went out to super (yes, I broke my no restaurant/no drinking for one week rule) but I had a delicious meal at the Wooden Monkey. I had the Seitan sandwhich with the sweet apple salad, and I had one beer with my meal, a Garrison IPA, which I enjoyed but it was a little hoppy for what I was feeling. I came home, slept about 11 hours. Had a 1 hour nap Saturday afternoon, and slept another 10 hours last night. I feel a lot better today! Still have a bit of a runny nose and some sneezing but my head has cleared up a lot.

One last thing of this monstrous post: Tomorrow is Natal Day, the "birthday" of Halifax/Dartmouth. My family and I always do the Natal Day Road race, which we've done every year that I can remember. There is a 2 mile race and a 6 mile race (3 laps of the 2 mile loop). It is actually a very difficult race because of the heat (usually) and the hills, one killer one at the end. I know Im in shape to run a great 2 miler, and I know I could do the 6 miler no problem, although it would be much more difficult, obviously. I think Im swaying towards running the 6 miler because I know Im in great shape for it and because Ive taken the last few days off completely from exercise, I think my legs will be super fresh. Goal for my first ever 6 mile road race= Sub 1 hour, 55 minutes even? Im actually so excited.

Thats it for now :)

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