Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Revamping goals

So one week, 6 days of working out, 7 days of making one healthier choice, and 6 days of blogging.

Something about this commitment has really triggered a change in my head. For some reason a few weeks ago there were days where I had absolutely no activity and that is just not okay for my body. I can do an hour and a half of yoga a day, or body pump, or go for a run, or do JM 30 day shred. These are things I can, and will do every day.

My other big challenge is the food thing. I was talking about it with a girl I volunteer with tonight. She is also a runner and she is also not a tiny girl. She just started weight watchers again so we were talking about our eating habits for a bit. Its interesting because I know food is what gets me to this point (aka slightly overweight, I know Im not at an unhealthy weight but Ive got a lot of excess body fat that an active girl like me shouldn't have) but I cant pinpoint one bad habit that causes me to gain weight and feel like crap. journal? I feel like this is something Ive tried a few times...but never committed myself fully to.

Here it goes. For this next week, I will sweat once a day (continuing from last week) and will write down my food intake EVERY day. I think this will be super hard. But if it helps me identify my weak points, I think its worth it.

Okay, its getting late, and Ive got a body pump class to get to in the morning so my sleep needs to be decent. The ashtanga class today was killer and Im definitely going back soon!

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  1. You're being dead serious when you say: "slightly overweight, I know I'm not at an unhealthy weight but Ive got a lot of excess body fat that an active girl like me shouldn't have," right?

    If I'm to assume that's your photo there in the about me portion and via Twitter, you are nowhere near.

    PS - If you're on a nutrition kick, or looking for tips, etc...let me know. Although I have other fitness/nutrition goals, I would say stay away from any kind of diet, including weight watchers.