Monday, March 29, 2010


Birthday post! Today is my 22nd birthday and boy is it exciting. I love other peoples birthdays but mine...not as exciting. Especially since Ive been away from home for my past 4 birthdays. I already got my presents from my parents: money for those gorgeous pair of running sneaks and a lovely healthy cookbook. Tyler also got me a cookbook for easy vegetarian cooking (although the recipes are not the healthiest) and my sisters present is on the way. Its a surprise, although its probably either running socks, sunglasses or shorts because those are the 3 ideas I gave her.

I got another long run in yesterday although this was a bit different than normal. Why? Because on Saturday we got about a foot of snow here in lovely st john's and Im just so sick of running on snow I decided to do this long run on the treadmill!

Distance: Since it was on the treadmill it was exactly 7.0 miles. Since Im a bit ahead of schedule on my long runs I decided Id give myself a bit of a break on my long run this week, so instead of doing 10 which was kind of planned on, I just was thinking of 6-8, and I did 7 :)
Time: 1:12.38. I was happy with this time although Im cheating a bit because I did stop and walk a few times and stopped my watch while I was walking so in reality it might be a few minutes slower than 1:12. Oh well.
Route: Ugh, the dreaded treadmill. Now I really dont mind the treadmill as much as some other runners do but my last 3 runs have been on it and none of them have felt amazing. Not that they are excessively slow or laboured, they just dont feel amazing. This one was no different, which leads me to...
Felt: Alright I guess. It was good to get it done. I was in my new shoes and my feet were paining me a bit but other than that I was in very little pain. I was just bored and felt blehhh I guess.

Other than that, I finally made it into the weight room this week! Actually I believed its called the "toning room" cause they're all equipement and no free weights are involved. But it felt really good and Im no longer scared of going in there like I used to be! Hopefully this weight training will help me lose a few extra pounds before the half (Id ideally like to get around 140-145 and Im currently sitting at 148-150 depending on the time of day). I've noticed a big difference in my running since Ive started losing a bit of weight again and its something that I really would like to focus on. Although its good to have goals and something to work towards, Im not really very big on the whole "weight" thing. It really truly is about how you feel and not what you weigh.

Im started to get really excited to go home to Nova Scotia for good. I miss home so much and I cant wait to have a permanent residence again!

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