Monday, August 23, 2010

Race Recap: Navy 10km 2010

Over this weekend I completed this race.

It was a beautiful morning for a run, a little warm, but almost no wind. Me and my sister walked to the start, which was 845, and we were there only a few minutes early. The course was two laps of a 5km loop. It was an awesome course. Fairly flat, with only a few rolling hills to help keep the legs fresh. Now, I did not take my Garmin with me (I was staying at my sisters for pretty much the whole weekend and didn't have all my usual running stuff), so I have no stats besides the important one.

Total Distance: 10km
Total Time: 55:56

Remember when I said I wanted to see 55 on that watch...well I did! I was so close to not making the goal but I was able to push  my legs and make it through that last few kilometres, and it felt awesome. It felt amazing to set such a specific goal for a race and actually make it!

Here are the few pictures from the race (one action shot and two post-race beauty ones):

Great weekend, great race.

In other news: yesterday I attended the Select NS IncrEDIBLE picnic in Dartmouth. I think Im gonna write a longer post about this later. It was not only an amazing event but it confirmed to me that this is a "cause" that I REALLY want to get involved in (i.e. the local food movement here in Nova Scotia) but I just need to do some research first.

Also: New job :) I got the job at Lululemon in Halifax. I cannot explain how excited I am for this. But its gonna be a crazy few weeks while I finish up my work at Starbucks and start working the new job. Its all about time management, and mine is going to be tested!

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  1. congrats on achieving your goal with the race time. And the lululemon job as well. That's awesome!