Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Swim. Bike. Run

I gotta admit, swimming, biking and running for 2 hours, is more fun then running straight for 2 hours.

There, I said it, there is something that I enjoy more than running. At least for right now. Last night was my `triathlon` workout, that I actually had planned for last week but due to thunder and lightning was rescheduled to last night. I swam for 750m (roughly estimated the distance according to the buoys on the lake), biked 11 miles (it was getting dark so I didn`t want to risk doing the full 12.5) and ran 3 miles. I wasn`t going to risk doing my sprint triathlon in September without getting my legs used to doing all 3 of the sports, one after the other.

And I gotta say, it felt darn good. Swimming is not my favourite thing to do, and I feel like Im going so slowly when I do it, BUT it`s nice to get over with first. Biking is fun. I have a decent hybrid bike to ride on (it`s my moms) and I love going fast. And then there is running.

With my long runs for half marathon training (oh yeah, I have one of those in 10 days) I run slow, and it is laboured. It is GD hard. But the 5km at the end of a triathlon is not slow for me. For the last 3 brick workouts Ive done (all biking 11-13 miles and then running 3.1 miles) I`ve averaged about a 9:05 pace. I am able to push my legs to their limit. I`m not usually able to keep this pace for a regular old 3-6 mile run, and definitely not for a long run. So going fast at the END of a giant workout like this, feels damn good.

Summer is going amazing. Just had an epic weekend, and looking forward to another great one. My best friend Kari just had a baby, and he is a beautiful, extremely healthy little boy. August 18th will be a very important day every year for the rest of my life.

Also, got a second (solo) interview at Lululemon. Which is damn awesome. I would love to work there :) I`ll leave you with one of my favourite quotes from their manifesto:
 The conscious brain can only hold one thought at a time. Choose a positive thought.

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