Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Some perfect summer days.

I've realized that my favorite days this summer have included some intense physical activity. Thursday was a 20km bike and a 5km run, and an hour of hot yoga. Saturday, a 10 mile run. Yesterday was about 18 miles of biking around the city and hot yoga, and today another brick workout of 20km/5km combo. Although most of these days have been my days off (tonight I am working) I find that even on these days, I'm not exhausted by any means, I tend to enjoy my nights more after a morning of working out. That's always a worry for me, that my long workout days will be write offs for doing anything else, but that has definitely not been the case recently!

Thursdays Brick Workout stats:
Total Distance: 13.01 miles
Total Time: 56:51 minutes
Average Pace: 4:22/mile
Total Distance: 3.10 miles
Total Time: 28:05
Average Pace: 9:05/mile
Mile 0-1: 8:55
Mile 1-2: 8:57
Mile 2-3: 9:09
Mile 3-3.1: 1:03 (11:02 pace)

Saturdays Long Run:
Total Distance: 10.00 miles
Total Time: 1:43:44
Average Pace: 10:23/mile
Mile 0-1: 10:51
Mile 1-2:10:07
Mile 2-3: 9:49
Mile 3-4: 9:54
Mile 4-5: 9:10
Mile 5-6: 11:38 <--Entire mile was uphill, I was actually happy with this pace.
Mile 6-7: 9:21
Mile 7-8: 10:28
Mile 8-9: 12:07 <--Think I walked for about 3 minutes, I was completely destroyed mentally and physically
Mile 9-10: 10:15

Overall I was happy with this long run, it was fairly pain free (in my feet at least) but my legs and whole body were pretty tired the whole time. I was able to manage to run pretty much the whole time (except for a few unplanned breaks during mile 8. I was hoping that I would be faster at this point and Im really not seeing that yet, BUT I know it will come. This winter will see some serious speed workouts.

Today's Brick Workout:
The plan WAS to do a full sprint triathlon this morning, including the full swim, bike and run BUT the Halifax weather had different plans for me. I was supposed to meet my mom at the lake at 645, but around 630 we heard some thunder, so no open water swim for me. Changed the plans to just a 20km bikeride and 5km run.
Total distance: 13.27 miles
Total Time: 1:08:28
Average Pace: 5:10/mile
Total Distance: 3.10 miles
Total Time: 28:46
Average Pace: 9:17/mile
Mile 0-1: 9:27
Mile 1-2: 9:19
Mile 2-3: 8:53
Mile 3-3.1: 1:05 (11:13 pace)

Today was a bit slower than last weeks for both the bike and the swim. I tried out a new route on the bike, and it was much much harder, instead of nice easy rolling hills like on Waverly road, there were some serious hills and had speeding cars going by the whole time, so yes, the pace was reduced, but the challenge was appreciated. My run was a little slow at first but once my legs warmed up I started feeling really good and was able to pick up the pace.

Overall, Im starting to feel really good for both the triathlon and my other upcoming races. Although I dont think my pace for the half on August 29th will be too much faster then my last 2, but Im hoping for a sub 2:10. And for the 10km on the 22nd, my goal is a sub 56 minute, I want to see 55 or lower on that Garmin!

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