Monday, March 8, 2010

First one!

So, Ive been talking about starting one of these "blogs" for a while. Mostly because I've become pretty obsessed with reading food blogs, and ones about healthy eating/living (not weight loss! very different to me). Anyways I figured that I have some interesting thoughts and experiences that I could contribute to the world of internet so why not? Plus, I got rid of facebook (again) so when I have free time to spend on the computer, I need something other than just twitter and perez to fill my time with

I think one of the main reasons for this thing is going to be for me to share all my lovely experiences in my attempt to go vegetarian, which I started about 3 weeks ago. Im in my fourth year of a nutrition/biochemistry degree, so Ive had many courses about nutrition and community health. Im in my last semester now and I think all the courses have finally started to take their toll on how I look at my own health. Up until now (especially in the last two years) I've been fairly healthy with my eating, but recently I realized that I still do have some pretty unhealthy habits that not only take away from my overall health but also decrease my ability to run/workout/and my overall quality of life. I dont necessarily believe that eating vegetarian is the most healthy way to live (I think you can be perfectly healthy whether you eat meat or not) but for me its how Ive decided that I want to live (for now at least, haha).

Anyways, along with the vegetarian thing, actually probably a bigger reason for this blog is that Im a runner, and I want to share my experiences that Ive had runner, with as many people as possible (even if thats only like 4 people). I cannot begin to explain how running has changed my life for the better, but I'll attempt to throughout all my posts.

Oh yeah, and Im trying to get into med school, but that's a long road that Ive only just begun to get started on, so don't expect too much excitement in that area.

Okay, so what to expect: lots of running stories, hopefully lots of food pictures of all my delicious vegetarian recipes I've been making (if I can figure out how to hook up my phone aka camera to my comp) and maybe just my thoughts and exciting stories that I have everyday :) That's it for now, but Im going to do my very best in keepingthis thing current and up to date.

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