Sunday, March 14, 2010

Goodbye weekend!

I honestly cant believe how little time I have left of my degree. Less than a month of classes, and Im done exams in a month and six days! That's unreal, four years went by very very quickly. Im looking forward to being done my undergrad. I do truly love school, but Im getting frustrated with the same thing each and every day, and there are only so many Biochem midterms I can handle. Its funny, because Im taking a 2nd year Political Science course (constitutional history of Canada!) and I really love it, probably just because its a bit different than what Im used to.

Anyways, for supper last night I tried out the tofu I got. I know that if I want to eat vegetarian, and have an adequate amount of protein in my diet, Im going to need to include tofu in my diet once in a while. Its not my favourite thing to make for myself, but I generally do like it at restaurants so I know its all about preparation for me. So last night I had a stirfry with tofu, broccoli and mushrooms with homemade sweet and sour sauce with some white mr.noodles noodles. Good in theory but I really dont like stir-fry's so I need to stop making them! I only ate about half, and I was full so I just threw away the rest.

After supper, I headed over to Tyler's and had a few beers with him and his roommates. They went downtown for some St. Pattys festivities but I was not up for DT (and needed to get as much sleep as possible since I lost an hour of my day today). Oh, and before sleep last night, me and Tyler had a late night snack, reduced sodium Old dutch ruffle chips. Mmm they were yummy, chips is a huge weakness for me, and I have no problem treating myself from time to time. And sometimes I get the low sodium ones, even though I know that the calories and fat are still there, I actually like being able to taste the fried potatoes, and I find these ones are still pretty salty!

For breakfast (after sleeping in an hour late, because I thought my phone would automatically change to daylight savings and it did not!) I had egg in a hole and half an orange and some decaf green tea. Today was the day of my first official "long run" of my training for the Bluenose Half Marathon, and was it ever a perfect day for it. I ran in tights, and tank top and a long sleeve, first time without a coat and hat this season! Here are my stats:

Distance: About 7.75 miles. said 7.5 but they tend to underestimate a bit, so Im going with 7.75.
Time: 1:24 with breaks, since I didnt have my chrono watch with me, only my nikeplus, which I haven't got set up yet.
Route: Around Quidi Vidi Lake, downtown and then back up to my house, really hilly end but pretty good little loop, Ive done similar routes many times before.
Felt:...Amazing! Great day for it, so I think that had a lot to do with it. Also, Im probably 5-10 pounds lighter since my last half marathon so Im really starting to notice an improvement in my running, I think I actually feel lighter. That lets me go faster without my legs dying.

Overall I was so happy with my run. So glad to be running outside again, although Ill probably be back on the treadmill tomorrow, just because its a ton easier between classes. Im also going to try to get into the weights from now on. Im thinking runs+weights mon, wed and fri. Pilates on tues and thurs. Saturday is an off day and long runs on Sunday (maybe with some extra yoga/stretching). Hows that for a plan? Im so excited that Im currently running pain free, I love it.

After a nice big glass of Gatorade, I had a quick hot shower and had some leftover mushroom sloppy joes with goat cheese for lunch. Later in the afternoon I had a small serving of Liberte Mediterranian Lemon yogurt:

I know the picture is of Strawberry, but strawberry is my favourite so far! Lemon is just a bit too tangy for me. After studying for a bit, me and Tyler went for a walk on this gorgeous day. I walked to his house, then we went to Jumping Bean cafe so I could have a cappuccino (I love espresso, but hate drip coffee, which is my only option at school, so I end up drinking a lot of tea) because I was craving it hardcore. It was super yummy! We ended up walking to Quidi Vidi to check out the duckies, and we were out for a whole 2 hours! I came home and had supper: Baked tofu with some barbeque sauce, some french fries (I usually make my own but I was being lazy so I just had the frozen ones) and frozen veggies. I loved loved loved the baked tofu, Im definitely making it like that from now on!

So Im all done work and cleaning for the night and heading to bed soon. Had a great weekend and looking forward to getting this week started, mostly because I know Ill be finding out about med school this week. SO EXCITED!!

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