Thursday, March 11, 2010

I wish all my runs had 2 hour breaks!

So I missed my first day of blogging! I can't believe that some people manage to do it 2-3 times a day. I guess if I cut back on my twitter time, I would've gotten the chance to do it yesterday but, the world will survive. It also seems like no one is reading this...and thats cool too, I just like writing it.

Yesterday I got up pretty early (645, but I hadnt gotten to sleep until at least 1am) and had a quick small breakfast of oatmeal and some natural peanut butter mixed in, and some green tea of course. I have green tea at least twice, and usually three times daily. Its an obsession (but never after supper, I cant handle caffeine past like, 5pm or else Im up all night). After breakfast I was off to Beagle Paws. I volunteer there usually once a week, Thursday nights. But this week they needed help in the mornings so I decided to skip my Wed and Fri early morning class to help them out. Instead of spending the 4.50 to take the bus there and back, I decided to run there and home afterwards. It was my first outside run since the half (Ive been doing 3-4 mile treadmill runs since then) and although it was slow, it felt good, and the best part? Pain FREE :) it was 3 miles there, so I did 6 miles in total yesterday, it was great.

Yesterday was my roommate Mal's birthday so we went out to supper at Pi, a specialty pizza place here in St. John's. I had a veggie pizza and it was Delish! Had tomatoes artichoke hearts, red onion and zucchini.

This morning, I had some poached eggs and whole wheat bun with some green grapes, and green tea of course. I had a very lazy day, didn't make it to my first class or Pilates, I was having a hard time getting any motivation. Oh well, tomorrow's a new day, and Im allowed to have non-productive days every now and then. After the class that I did go to, I came home and studied for the online quiz I had tonight. Mal's mom was in town, so she took us all out for Mal's second birthday dinner. We went to Montana's...definitely not my first choice but she was treating, so I would never say anything. Im just not a big fan of chain-restaurants. I had a veggie burger with fries. I would have had the veggie fajita's but they were very expensive, and I did not want to take advantage of someone else treating! Big plans for tomorrow? Running to Beagle Paws again in the morning, and maybe class at 12 if I can make it. Then weekend! I see some beers in my future.

On a side note, I made the smart decision of checking out the nutrition information for Montana's before we went to the restaurant. Man it blew me away. I was thinking about getting the Nacho's because they were vegetarian, but I never knew nachos could have soooo many calories. 1700 calories for nachos, and something like 150% of my recommended daily fat intake. So from now on I am (when possible) checking the nutrional content for restaurants before I go there. Not that I feel guilty about treating myself on occasion, but its all about awareness, I want to be aware of what Im putting into my body.

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