Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Running in Shorts

Woah, its been a while. Since Sunday I believe? Anyways Sunday was a day filled with studying, aka I read one chapter of psych, it was a weak weekend, work wise. Sunday night was brutal, I didn't get to sleep until about 4am (because of the cappuccino and daylight savings) and I was up the next morning at 730, so I was not a happy girl. I had some mushroom sloppy joes for lunch and just had extreme pita for supper (yumm- small veggie on ww). I managed a 3 mile treadmill run in the late afternoon (in 30 min, with some intervals/breaks) and it felt alright, although my body was still pretty sore from the long run. I went volunteering for an hour and a half then came home. It was about 8 by that point so I had a yummy snack of pita chips, hummus and some homemade guac.

Tuesday morning I had a fried egg on toast for brekky. It was a delicious egg, I love eggs so much :) For lunch I had a flatbread sandwhich with goat cheese, two hardboiled eggs and lots of spinach, with a white milk and berry bran muffin (from tim's, I won it in Roll up the Rim!). It was all pretty tasty but I could have gone without the goat cheese on the sandwhich for whatever reason.

When I got home from school/some random volunteer thing I had gotten my letter from Dal med school, I didnt get in :( This was really really hard news to hear EVEN though I know its rare for students to get in right out of their undergrad, it was still hard to hear. But after some tears and some binge eating (kind of, nothing too bad), Im feeling much better. Ready to look for other opportunities for my future, that is until I apply to Med School again :) Speaking of binge eating, although I didnt feel like eating at all, I went to the store with Tyler and we picked up a yummy bruschetta pizza and some ww tostito's and fresh salsa, and just watched a movie.

This morning I had a delicious breakfast: two slices of "potato" bread with lf peanut butter and a banana, made into a sandwhich, and green tea of course. Between my classes I went for a run outside... IN SHORTS. It was warm enough, and that makes me so happy! I did about a 20 min warm up, two hill repeats (both about 1:30) and then made my way back to school. It was about 45 minutes in total but I have no clue what the distance was. It was nice to be outside for a while. Post workout I had a few bites of the leftover pizza I brought for my lunch, and guzzled back the water. Later in the afternoon I grabbed a ww bagel with butter and green tea and had that with some leftover baked beans (I was in need of some protein).

After spending my afternoon half researching, half sleeping, I made supper, and....I took a picture :) Im not going to lie, one of the reasons I started a blog was because I loved reading other peoples blogs and looking at pictures of their meals, its given me sooo many ideas for my meals, and pretty much gave me the motivation to become vegetarian. Anyways for supper, was some baked tofu which I cut up and coated with flour, egg and crushed corn flakes, some homemade fries and a spinach salad with red onion, mushrooms, tomato and olive oil as the dressing. Sorry about the terrible quality of the picture, its with my computers webcam :)

Mmm, now for a night full of studying psych (midterm on Friday night!)

Happy St. Patty's Day!!

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