Tuesday, March 9, 2010

#2. Okay Ill stop numbering my posts after this.

So I can't figure out how to hook up my phone to my computer so no pictures for a while. Today was a lovely day for me. Got to sleep in until 8 (but stayed in bed until almost 9 which is super late for me), had a yummy bagel for breakfast with some green tea. I did Pilates from 12-1 before lunch (its the perfect time for me because I have break between classes from 12-330). I had some homemade vegetarian chili for lunch with a piece of pita that I cut up and toasted last night. I worked at the library for a bit and then picked up an XL green tea and had a red delicious apple for a snack during my 330 class. Class finished early and now Im home watching Gossip Girl before supper. I've got an exciting night ahead of me full of studying.

Things are going well for me workout wise. Im just about to start training for my third half marathon. Ive done two already : this past september I did the Toronto Waterfront half in 2:33 (slow I know, Im not a fast runner but I get it done). A few weeks ago in February I did the Hypothermic Half in St.Johns in 2:23. I was ecstatic with my time, I was injured-ish (Had right quad and left achilles issues) and there had been about 2 feet of snow dropped on St John's the 2 days before the race. My next one is the Bluenose in May, this weekend is my first "long run", but I'll probably only hope for 6 miles and if Im feeling good I might extend it until 8 miles. Ive only just started running again since the half (I took almost 3 weeks off after the half to help my quad get back to normal) and its going well! I usually run three times a week (now Ill get into 4 with my long run on Sundays) and I do Pilates twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Anyways Im off to make supper and watch the end of Gossip girl Up for supper tonight: Flatbread pizza with tomato spaghetti sauce, spinach, vegetarian hot dog, goat cheese and any other vegetables I can find in my drawer!

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