Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lazy (x100) Day

I love the weekends, especially when Im not drowning in a sea of work. I've got two pretty hard weeks coming up filled with tests and a big paper, but for now I really havent got too much to do.

So I got the email today, Dal has officially sent out the acceptance/rejection letters for DalMed class of 2014. Im super scared and excited at the same time, its really hard to describe. My expectations are not high because Im just finishing my undergrad now, and most people I met at the interviews were graduate students, or working and what not, so thats scary. But how can I not be excited? It would be the most amazing thing if I got that letter and it said I was accepted, Ive been thinking about that moment for the past few years. Honestly, I just want to know, as soon as possible, so I can start making plans for the summer (Oh, and the rest of my life). The funny thing is, Im not even sure what address they're sending the letter to, my home here in St.John's or my parents home in Dartmouth. I really hope its coming here, so I can be the one to tell my parents instead of them having to read it out to me. Either way, its a very exciting few days ahead of me!

Yesterday I went to Beagle Paws in the morning again and had a lovely run there and back. I truly love volunteering there, I love the dogs and its actually really cool to just hang out with them and watch them play. Ive volunteered at many places in NL and NS and with many different kinds of people but my favourite has been with the dogs. Its really made me appreciate how compassionate some people can be towards others (including animals). There are women there that have been volunteering there since it opened like 6 years ago. They contribute so much of their time and life towards these dogs, they are truly passionate about it and it is pretty inspiring.

I made it to class after BP and then came home and made one of my favourite recipes for lunch: Mushroom Sloppy Joes.

I had one for lunch (I had been snacking on carrot cake while making them) and had it with goat cheese instead of swiss, so it was extra yummy! Heres the link to the recipe.
Tyler came over for supper and we had spinach salad and some whole wheat spaghetti with plain tomato and mushroom sauce (with some goat cheese mixed in of course), and had carrot cake for dessert.

Then we spent the night playing Mario on Super Nintendo with Brad and Mal, then we played Apples to Apples and I came a very close second (we had to have an apples-off and I lost it). There was also some beer involved:

I love Keiths. Being from NS, I think I will always have a spot for it in my heart, and my belly. Since this was technically Mals birthday celebration (her third, I might add) we decided to make the walking trip to Ches's for some late night grease. I had cod bites with fries and it was so beyond good.

This morning I was a tad hungover waking up but had a great breakfast of a small piece of flatbread with avocado, tomato and fried egg. I had some red grapes and green tea, and now Im just spending the day relaxing, maybe getting a bit of work done, and envisioning the moment that I open that letter from DalMed :)

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