Thursday, December 9, 2010

Small Victories.

So, day one is complete of my week of sweating and making small adjustments in my diet. I went to UFIT tonight which is a class taught by one of our lululemon ambassadors (Ryan Cairns, he is amazing!). It's basically an hour of dancing, sweating and FUN! Its my second time going and so much better this time. I think the first time I went I was nervous about how I would look or whatever and this time I wanted to sweat and have fun.

Saying no was interesting. Instead of having a few pieces of candy at work (which I usually don't think twice about) I just had water. And I went to BK after ufit for a veggie burger and instead of having sprite for a drink (I can't handle caffeine this late at night) I had water. Yes, I still had french fries but its all about small victories people!

And obviously Im blogging, and loving life. I've got a mega busy weekend coming up but lots of fun planned too, including Sunday-my first day off in 2 whole weeks. Unfortunately I have to go to work for a staff meeting but they are so much fun that its not like work at all.

Thats all for now, lovelies. See you tomorrow!

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