Monday, December 13, 2010

The weekend curse.

Oh so close.

So I missed a day of blogging and missed a day of sweating. And they weren't the same day. Yesterday I was feeling a little under the weather due to lots of lovely beverages on Saturday night. So I didn't make it to the blogging but I did still manage to get some yoga in, thanks to my staff meeting. Yup, our staff meetings include some sweet yoga!

And today was sweat free (besides the minimal sweating I did at work moving clothes and boxes). I guess its kind of a cop out but Im definitely coming down with a cold and I can tell that my body needs the rest (eep, only about 3 1/2 hours of sleep was had last night) and something like moksha or a run, just wouldn't be healthy.

Although I did try and make some healthier choices throughout the day. Lunch (medium veggie sub from quiznos) came without the combo option (aka no chips and pop) and I turned down a cookie from a lovely lulu.

Best part of the day: my keys were found! Pretty sure I manifested the shit out of that one.

Something funny and maybe a little weird happened yesterday. I know I don't talk about my vegetarianism a whole lot but it is something that I am mega proud of and work on every day. On Sunday, brunch was oh so necessary so me and Mel went to Moustache for some eggs and toast. Anyways I ordered the eggs florentine which was supposed to come with spinach and no meat. A mistake was made and I got the one with the ham, and I considered just picking it off and eating what was left, but after looking at my plate for a few minutes, I had to make the switch with the waiter. I honestly felt sick to my stomach at the thought of it. I know I still eat fish, but meat just turns my stomach now.

Anyways, so weird because its only been 9 months, but a huge accomplishment.

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  1. Congrats on sticking to your beliefs. I'm sure it's tough to make that transition from meat eater to vegetarian, but it looks like you are doing great.