Saturday, December 11, 2010

It really happened

Yep, home made sushi. Not only do I have tons of supplies left and can make it again very soon, but it actually wasn't too hard to make AND it tasted pretty great. Comparable to Sobeys/Superstore sushi, but not up there with real restaurant sushi. I look forward to perfecting my technique though!

Anyways, today was filled with a poop load of people at work and a poop load of people at the mall I had to go to afterwards. The day was filled with small victories. At the mall I managed to not buy anything to snack on and didn't have too too many nachos before supper (a pretty irresistible snack to me, usually). Here are my eats so far: (p.s. I had about a roll and a half of sushi last night, post blogging)
Breakfast: Tim Horton's egg and cheese breakfast sandwhich on an everything bagel and a large tea with milk.
Snacks: Rice Krispie Treat and about a handful of jube jubes.
Lunch: 6 pieces of my homemade california roll and 2 clementines.
Snack: Little piece of cheese before workout (post mall).
Supper: 2 egg omelet with 1/2 tomato and some gr. onions and swiss cheese. Side of french fries. Filling, but not too tasty.

Next thing planned on being consumed tonight: several Kieth's when Im at Lower Deck with my friend Melanie. We pretty much go every Friday or Saturday night and have a few drinks and watch amazing live music. Maybe not the healthiest habit but it's something I love love love doing and look forward to it all week!

The exercise of the day was another day of 30 day shred, level 2 today. Im starting to realize that this is something I can extend past this week aka sweating once a day. Although I had a very busy day at work theres no reason I can't include some sort of exercise either before or after work every day. And those 20 minute videos' are great to include when I can't go otherwise.

Feeling great, ready for a great night.

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