Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New commitments

Here are my goals for this week (and yes, I am starting my week today because I believe in doing things NOW):
-sweat once a day
-say no once a day
-blog once a day

Yes, I have a lot on my plate right now by working 40+ hours a week but these are positive steps that can be made for me to become happier and healthier.

SWEAT: Running, yoga, gym. How can I complain, I have the gift of free, unlimited yoga! My job affords me the amazing opportunity to visit 8 fabulous local yoga studios as often as I want. Running is always free. And now that Im slowly starting to get back into it, a 2 mile run is the perfect way to allow my body to get used to it again. And the ol gym. Body pump is friggin amazing, I cant explain how much I love it. I think 3 classes a week is totally doable.

SAY NO: There are always lots of options to make a meal less healthy, or have a snack at work that I just don't need. Here's what I can commit to doing. Once a day I am going to mindfully make the healthier choice, whether it means no dessert, no cookies, or no quizno's, this is something that I need to remember and commit to.

BLOG: Yes, this one might be the hardest, but 30 minutes a night spent reflecting on my day and my commitments and goals. A step in the right direction I'd say.

Today was spent at work, at Moksha yoga in Dartmouth, and volunteering. But Im not including today in my goal, because that's just cheating.

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