Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Body Pump

So I can;t really say enough about body pump. An hour of music, fun and working out. And by working out I mean taking my muscles to their absolute extreme. I've never been able to commit to doing weight training at the gym, long term, because I really don't know squat about it (pun definitely intended) and BP gives me all the rep/weigh info I need and keeps me focused. There is no way I would even be able to do a half hour of weights at the gym and BP gets me doing an hour!

If its not already obvious, I went to BP today and loved it. My instructor was awesome and I was just feeling great. I was fueled by some awesome sushi (way better than my last attempt) and ready for some muscle burn.

My eats today were pretty decent (although I might be sushi-ed out).
Breakfast: Oatmeal with a banana, coconut, AB, and a tiny drizzle of caramel sauce. Tea with milk.
Lunch: California roll and an avocado roll. 2 clementines.
Supper: 4 homeade rolls of sushi (about 1 c of rice total, 1/2 avocado, 2 pieces of crab and 1/4 cucumber).

Tomorrow is my day off and Im planning on heading to the ashtanga shala in halifax and getting my all levels on! Ashtanga is a more difficult practice (to me) because there are less breaks and a lot more flow. Because of a yoga challenge at work I will be going to Ashtanga once a week for a month and Im so excited about it. There are a lot of challenging and new to me classes there and Im pretty excited about it!

Anyways, Im off to make some energy bars...instead of making strait up cookies. My healthy choice of the day! (and they're vegan too).

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